Inca Wiracocha: main character of the war between Incas and Chancas
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Inca Wiracocha: main character of the war between Incas and Chancas

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Inca Wiracocha: main character of the war between Incas and Chancas

Wiracocha or Huiracocha, according to the official history of the Tahuantinsuyo was the eighth Inca sovereign. Nephew of Yahuar Huaca, he belonged to the Hanan sector. His original name was Hatun Tupac and he was very young when the kingdom of Cuzco was invaded by the Cuntis and his uncle was assassinated. After those dark days the main survivors got together and after a heated debate they decided to appoint Hatun Tupac as the successor of the late sovereign. Subjected to the ritual prior to the enthronement, which consisted of abstinence from sex, salt and chili, he took office with the name Huiracocha, because from a very young age he had dreamed of the god of that name and had adopted him as your protector. Some time later, he married Mama Rumo, daughter of the Lord of Anta, a woman who due to her weak character could not influence her husband and had Capac Yupanqui and Cusi Yupanqui (Pachacutec) as children. Among his concubines I highlight Curi Chulpi, who came from the ayllu Ayavilla (Sahuasera); In her he procreated her son Urco, for whom Huiracocha felt great affection, unlike the treatment he gave to the daughters he had with his main wife.


Expansion of the Inca Empire

He tried to expand the kingdom of Cuzco and set his troops on the march to Yucay and Calca, conquering them with ease. In Calca he ordered the building of a palace for himself, but he was unable to control all the submitted ayllus; permanently there were subversive outbreaks and thus he had to face a rebellion in Pocoy Pacha (Pisac) and quell mutinies from the Muyna pinaguas, who were allied with the ayllus of Rondocancha and Casacancha. Later he had to fight the Ayarmacas and Guaiparmacas, who were defeated thanks to the repression exerted by his uncles Vicaquirao and Apo Mayta. He conquered Canchis after a weak resistance. In the town of Cacha he had a temple built dedicated to Ticci Huiracocha Pachayachachic.


Using divide to win as a political strategy, he fueled the contradictions between the powerful Aymara Colla and Upaca kingdoms. The Incas were supporters of the latter and later Huiracocha won the friendship of the Collas. After a war both kingdoms were weakened and he took advantage of Huiracocha to annex them. Coming from Collao he retired to his palace in Calca and it was here that his beloved Curi Chulpi suggested that he designate his son Urco. This upset a sector of the elite, because Urco was not the son of the main lady. But Huiracocha insisted on it to the point of abdicating in favor of Urco.


Thus before the general amazement, Urco put on the mascaipacha (maximum symbol of the power of the Inca ethnic group) and named his brother Sucso head of his lineage. All this created strong antagonisms, from which Huiracocha escaped by retiring to Calca.


The Inca Urco government was a disaster. He lacked courage and had no intuition in tactics and strategy, so he did not prepare any expedition of conquest. He indulged in worldly pleasures and it was common to see him in recreational houses. He did not hesitate to seek concubines in the gleba and even raped notable mamaconas (women of legal age who instructed the Inca's chosen ones in the acllahuasi). He also indulged in drink and sucked himself intoxicated, vomiting and urinating on the city streets. All these attitudes motivated discontent among the dried apricots. An uncle of Inca Urco named Apo Mayta plotted his assassination, but he refrained from doing so for fear of retaliation from Huiracocha, who despite the mistakes of his clumsy and corrupt son continued to support him, and behind him was the schemer Curi Chulpi, whom he loved obsessively.



He conquered the lordships of Yucay and Calca, there in Calca he built his own palace. He received constant attacks from the Ayamarcas and Guayamarcas that he successfully put down.


He improved Inca agriculture and supplies. He expanded the groves and textile production, implanted the tocapus (geometric figures in the clothes of the nobles).


He traveled to the Aymara kingdom leaving as Inca ratin (vice-ruler) his favorite son: Inca Urco. In Aymara, he befriended this and other lordships, upon returning he decided to live in his palace in Calca to be permanently with Curi Chulpi, a secondary wife but whom he fervently loved more than any other.


During his rule, the powerful Chancas sent him two emissaries asking for his surrender and unconditional surrender of his dominions, including Cusco, Huiracocha Inca accepted and escaped to Chita along with his servants, wives and children.


The Chancas invade Cuzco

This is how things were when the Chancas invaded the kingdom of Cuzco, advanced, devastating the towns that they encountered and reached the gates of the capital. Inca Urco and the elderly Huiracocha considered that any resistance would be useless and they left the city accompanied by their wives, wives and servants. With their minds totally defeated, they abandoned their lordship, to take refuge in Chita. The defense was then assumed by another of Huiracocha's sons named Cusí Yupanqui (the future Pachacutec), who defeated the Chancas and expelled them from the kingdom. After the danger, everyone acclaimed Cusí Yupanqui as Inca, but he respected the decision of his father. He and Urco, suspicious of the prestige that Cusí Yupanqui had achieved, planned to eliminate him and prepared an ambush in the Paca area (on the banks of the Tambo River); the trap failed and Inca Urco was executed. When Huiracocha learned of the death of his beloved son, he had no choice but to recognize Cusí Yupanqui as an Inca and he retired to Calca, where he spent the rest of his days.


Death of Huiracocha Inca

After his surrender, along with his son Inca Urco leaves the city of Cusco generating uncertainty and confusion. Only his main captains, Apo Mayta and Vicaquirao, along with the children of his main Coya, remained in it. Along with them was Cusi Yupanqui (Pachacútec), a young military man supported by Apo Mayta, who makes a general call to the neighboring ethnic groups, and after getting allies, fights and expels the Chancas from Cusco, later kills Inca Urco in self-defense. act that causes resentment in Huiracocha Inca, who never returned to Cusco since his flight.


He died in oblivion, very gray-haired (a rare thing for men of Andean ethnic group) and suffocated by the magnificence of whom he never named as his successor: Pachacútec.


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