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Cusco Peru Travel

Cusco Peru Travel

Cusco Peru, better known as the imperial city of the Incas, in most cases is the destination that most travelers prefer, accompanied by the stunning views that you see on arrival, giving us to understanding that the trip we will make will not be in vain. The mystic sacred city is considered the capital of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire with a great historical and architectural legacy. Surrounded by green valleys with imposing tourist attractions, culture, tradition, and faith are still dormant. Known as the navel of the world for being the political and territorial center of the Inca Empire, the department of Cusco shows a striking geographical variety from natural mountain ranges and reliefs, to rivers like the Urubamba. The city of Cusco, located in the Andes mountain range at 3 399 m.a.s.l, was declared the Historical Capital of Peru, being an impressive sample of high Inca engineering whose main tool was stone.


Machu Picchu the Inca citadel, located in the middle of the tropical rainforest, at about 2,430 meters above sea level, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1981 and a new wonder of the modern world in 2007, it is a fantastic architectural complex built in the time of the Inca Pachacutec in the middle of a great variety of flora and fauna. There is no simple way to explain the majesty that Cusco represents. 

Before you go

Huayna Picchu and Montaña Machu Picchu, are just as spectacular. These mountain are finding in top of the Machu Picchu citadel from there the scenary views are amazing. Only discovered in the 20th century, Machu Picchu is considered one of the most important pre-Columbian sites at all.

This region gathers history, modernity and adventure with a mystique that wraps from the Cusquenian Main Square to the most distant places of it. Cusco Peru Travel Tour gives you the opportunity to discover this magical city, the extraordinary Sacred Valley of the incas and the famous Humantay Lake


Quick Itinerary:

Day 01: Cusco City Tour 

Day 02: Sacred Valley of the Incas

Day 03: Machu Picchu

Day 04: Humantay Lake Trek

Day 05: Departure Day


Essential Information about the Tour

Service Level: Comfortable accommodations, meals, private transport, and comfortable tourist-class, activities.

Physical Rating: Easy walking and hiking suitable for most fitness levels. Not too challenging.

Age requirement: 2+ / All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Crew: Salkantay Trek Machu representatives in Cusco, professional English-speaking tour guide

Accommodation: Hotel*** 4 Nights.

Meals: 4x breakfast, 2x lunch,

Transportation: Transportation by private van, 1x train (Expedition Class).


Highlights of Cusco Peru Travel Tour:

  • Cusco (Qosqo in Quechua), means navel of the world, and is one of the most extensive regions of Peru
  • Due to the impressive beauty of its archaeological monuments, Cusco has been, deservedly, declared as the "Archaeological Capital of South America", in an Americanist congress held in Argentina, in the year of 1993. And in 1993, the state Peruvian through the congress declares the city of Cusco as the "Historical Capital of Peru".
  • The City Tour Cusco will allow you to know the most impressive archaeological and religious tourist places of the cosmopolitan city of Cusco, Peru.
  • City Tour Cusco for all visitors takes place every day from 1:00 pm starting with the Cathedral Basilica of the city of Cusco, followed by Qoricancha known as the Temple of the Sun and also visit archaeological centers outside the city such as Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay
  • The Sacred Valley of the Incas has it all: a beautiful geography surrounded by welcoming rivers and towns, archaeological sites with great historical value and thousands of adventures for people of all ages.
  • Discover the magic of the Sacred Valley of the Incas: Visit the ancient cities of Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chincheros.
  • Humantay Lagoon, is a Peruvian gem of nature on the route of the Salkantay. This beautiful turquoise water mirror is located in Mollepata (2900 m.s.n.m) (Anta, Cusco), formed by the snowmelt of Humantay that create a fantastic scenery
  • On the way to Humantay Lake Trek we will be able to appreciate the imposing snow-capped mountains of the Andes Mountains, among them the majestic snow-capped peaks of Humantay and Salkantay, and enjoy the scenic beauty of this route among the snow-capped peaks, lagoons, flora and fauna of the place. will allow you to have a unique and unforgettable experience in 1 day only.
  • Machu Picchu is the most importatnt tourist attraction of Peru and the first destionations of the travellers

Why to book with Salkantay Trek Machu Tour Operator

  • We are a licenced "Tour Operator"  based in Cusco Peru
  • Specialist in Trekking Expeditions for international tour operators.

  • Inca Trail & Machu Picchu tour operator since 2006
  • Highly experienced english speaking guide.

  • Best lodging is included

  • Private transportation for your transfers and tours
  • Salkantay Trek Machu hires peruvian professional staff like guides, assistant guides, chefs, and porters and pay them with good wages far lots better than other tour companies do.

Interesting Info:


Day 01: Cusco - City Tour

Welcome to Cusco Peru Travel. Our representive will be waiting for you at the airport for your transfer to the hotel in Cusco. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will check into the hotel and rest. Good time for a coca tea.     


In the afternoon, City Tour in Cusco is the perfect start to your visit and your experience with the Andean culture. The first day of your arrival is very recommended to make this city tour, our agency organizes this tour every afternoon. They are picked up from your hotel between 1:00 p.m. and 13: 20hrs. You will have a guided tour through the center of the city of Cusco, visit the Main Square, the Cathedral, the Temple of the Sun Qoricancha-Santo Domingo, then go out to visit the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, Kenko, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay , returning to the city between 18:00 hrs. and 18:30 hrs. What you will see?:



  • The Cathedral (Cathedral Basilica of the Virgin of the Assumption) is the first place you will visit, it is located in the Main Square of Cusco; It was built in 1560, on the Inca palace of Wiracocha; in this wonderful religious building you can see beautiful wood carvings, embossed silver works and approximately 300 paintings from the Cusquenian Art School.

The Qoricancha Temple

  • The Qoricancha Temple (Convent of Santo Domingo) is one of the most important religious centers of the empire of the Incas, and it is definitely one of the best examples of the fusion of the Inca and Spanish cultures. It is located 2 blocks from the Main Square of Cusco; It houses paintings of the Cusquenian art School and Inca structures that are true works of art.
  • Sacsayhuaman is one of the most enigmatic places on the planet, its 3 overlapping platforms of 390 m long, were built with "huge stones carved" and fitted with incredible precision; You can appreciate stones up to nine meters high and more than 120 tons of weight. This place is the head of the puma created by the original layout of the imperial city of Cusco. Here the Inti Raymi or Sun Feast is celebrated, on June 24 of each year.
The Qenqo Archaeological Complex
  • It is located one km from Sacsayhuaman and will be its next stop, it was a center of worship, and ceremonial Inca; It was dedicated to Mother Earth. In this place a space called amphitheater stands out, since the Incas had to place their dead in their trapezoidal niches; At present, only half of the original structure remains.
The archaeological group of Puca Pucara
  • Puca Pucara will be the next place you will visit, it is 10 minutes from Qenqo and is known as the red fortress, thanks to the amount of iron present in its stones. It is deduced that this place was used as a military post and resting place, and it is possible that its function was to take care of Tambomachay: in this archaeological site you will be able to appreciate fountains, aqueducts and several Inca enclosures of great architectural quality.
  • Tambomachay (tanpu mach'ay, or place of rest) is the last site of the City Tour Cusco, it is located only 100 meters from Puca Pucara; It was used as a center of worship and worship of water. The enclosure is formed by a set of finely carved rocks, falls and water, canals and aqueducts fed by nearby springs.
Tour to Cathedral of Cusco Picture: Cathedral of Cusco


Day 02: Sacred Valley of the Incas

This tour starts at approximately 08:00 hrs. and ends at 7:00 p.m. approx., we pass by your hotel, to have a guided tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, over the Vilcanota River, for a panoramic view of the Inca citadel of Pisac and visit the typical Indian market of Pisac , where we will have the opportunity to learn about the customs of its inhabitants and haggle prices with sellers, then we go to the city of Urubamba, traveling along the Vilcanota river,to discover Ollantaytambo. In the afternon, train to Aguas Calientes. Our representative will be waiting for you in the train station and transfer you to the hotel in Machu Picchu. Between 19:00 and 20:00, our guide brief you on your Machu Picchu tour.



Picturesque village located in the foothills of Intihuatana hill (place where the sun is moored), has the best andean system achieved by the Incas in all the Andes. Near the village is located the Picac Archaeological Park, Inca archaeological sites, finely assembled polished stone constructions, citadel, towers, military fortresses, astronomical observatories, etc. Highlights the Inca cemetery, the largest in all of America. Every Sunday the Sunday party is celebrated, headed by the caciques or chiefs of Ayllus carrying their varáyoc and typical costumes, folk dances and mass in Quechua. Also every Sunday is the "catu", which is the native trade fair for the exchange of agricultural products in which barter prevails, a living custom of a purely Inca character. Every Thursday and Sunday the "Pisac Traditional market" is held in the Main Square, the handicrafts fair, among which stand out beautiful textile crafts, sweaters, ponchos, bags, etc. and the ceramic crafts with reproductions of Inca archaeological pieces, the queros (ceremonial vessels), necklaces, etc. This fair is attended by craftsmen and indigenous merchants from many towns to stock and trade their products.Pisac is located 32 km. (20 miles) from the city of Cusco, 2,972 m.a.s.l. (9,751 feet).



The legend tells that Ollantay (the titan of the Andes) of plebeian origin, loved the princess Cusi Coyllor (cheerful star) daughter of the king Inca Pachacútec, who was in disagreement with this love. Pachacútec sent the princess to a house of Virgins, Ollantay tried to kidnap her from there, without success and managed to flee. From the fortress that Ollántay had in command he rebelled against Pachacútec, and after bloody battles he was defeated, but Pachacútec's generosity made him spare Ollantay's life. The foundation of Ollantaytambo is attributed to Ollántay, and the military fort that protected this area of ​​the valley, strategically located between two mountains, prevails. Today you can see this fortress, and also the rich Inca archaeological sites, formed by the temple to Inti (sun god), the Incamisana, the baths of the Ñustas (princesses), the chullpas of Cachiccata, a group of terraces symmetrically staggered and very steep on the side of a hill. At the top of the archaeological complex stand out six monoliths of enormous size, assembled with incredible precision, which have mysterious engravings of Inca iconography motifs. The current town of Ollantaytambo, has many houses built on the foundations of the ancient Inca town, where native inhabitants live rooted in ancestral customs. The complexity and beauty of the Inca buildings and the contemporary people, the immense agricultural complex, great administrative and social center, religious and military, is considered by many scientists and historians as one of the most important living museums in the world. Ollantaytambo is located 97 km (60 miles) from Cusco, 2,846 m.a.s.l. (9,337 feet). Train station to Machu Picchu.

Sacred Valley of the Incas Salkantay Trek Machu Picture: Archaeological center of Pisaq

Day 03: Machu Picchu

Wake up early and bus up to Machu Picchu for the guided tour of Machu Picchu. Then you will explore the lost Inca City site.


In the afternoon, you will catch the train back to Ollantaytambo, there our driver will be waiting for you and transfer you to the hotel in Cusco. Finally our driver will drop you off in your hotel.


Day 04: Humantay Lake trek

This route is ideal for nature lovers who do not have many days but who will find spectacular landscapes, with exotic flora and fauna along this adventure hike through beautiful valleys and white mountains especially the Humantay lagoon considered one of the mountains and most sacred lagoons in the region. We will go through their respective hotel to pick them up between 4:45 and 5:00 am and then travel by private transport to the town of Mollepata located in the lush valley of the Apurímac River. After a well-deserved breakfast to fill us with energy we will continue our trip to Soraypampa (3900msnm) after a short break, we will begin our trek to Humantay lake located at 4200mt 13779 feet, after the ascent of 1 hour and 30 min approximately we will be able to appreciate such a wonderful place and we will return to our camp to have our lunch with beautiful panoramic views of the snowy peaks and later they will be transferred to our city of Cusco.

Day 05: Departure Day

Cusco Peru Travel Tour Includes:

  • Welcome by our crew at arrival
  • Pre-trek briefing (Our guide will visit your hotel a day before the trek for your briefing)
  • Private transfer from the airport to your hotel
  • Accommodation: 3* Hotel (4 nights)  
  • All entrance fee according to the itinerary
  • Professional bilingual Tour Guide 
  • Meals: 05x Breakfast, 01x Lunch for Humantay Lake trek, buffet lunch in Urubamba Town the 2nd day 
  • Round trip tourist train tickets to Machu Picchu
  • Tourist transportation for all the tours 
  • Private transportation from Ollantaytambo to Cusco
  • Oxigen bottle and First aid kit

Not Included:

  • Meals not included: Day 1 (B,L,D), Day 2 (D), Day 3 (L,D), Day 4 (B,L)
  • Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu montaña U$ 25 each
  • Traveler's insurance 
  • Tips for local staff
  • Extras not mentioned

Please bring with you:

Advice on documents you must take for travel:

  • A valid passport is necessary to enter Peru. Depending on the country of your citizenship, you may need a visa to come to Peru. (Citizens of the United States, Canada and the European Union do not need a visa). Check with us for more information. You must carry your passport with you at all times in case of random checks.

Tips to change money:

  • You can change the money of your country of origin in Peru. ATMs, banks and money changers are located within the main tourist areas.

Advice for your luggage and packaging:

  • Airlines and trains have baggage weight limits per person in addition to other restrictions.

Tips for wearing clothing:

Depending on the month and place you visit Cusco - Peru, you can expect from very heavy rains to intense heat. In addition, temperatures are often different in the day and at night. It can be very hot at times and quite cold for the night, so it's good to have some clothes for both types of weather. Chek the list:

  • A pair of long pants. 
  • Boots for walking, shoes or tennis shoes. 
  • Light shirts. 
  • Long sleeve shirts. 
  • Sweaters and a jacket. 
  • Hat (also for the cold) 
  • Waterproof and / or umbrella. 
  • Camera (there are places to download and print your digital photos) 
  • Insect repellent. 
  • Medicine and / or articles for personal use. 

Other things you might want to bring:

  • Large Travel Backpacks and one small, 
  • Cloths or disinfectant towels, 
  • A small flashlight - this is a good idea in case of failure of electricity, and for personal safety, 
  • A notebook or diary, and the pen to record any information,
  • A cell phone or another small device that will serve as an alarm clock, of course, a photo or video camera with the appropriate battery and with the respective charger.



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