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10 tips to make the famous Inca Trail

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10 tips to make the famous Inca Trail

There are two ways to arrive in Machu Picchu, sweating and with effort or without sweating, there are no other options. You can experience it as a reward or as an excursion. In these lines we will try to transmit 10 tips to enjoy the experience of reaching sweating the shirt to the fullest. The Inca Trail is a road with more than 5 centuries of history. It is an ancient road used by the Incas to communicate throughout their empire. The Inca trail is very extensive and it is not conserved in its entirety, but today it is possible to travel 42 km of this legendary road before reaching the citadel of Machu Picchu.It is a demanding excursion that lasts 4 days It is a path that leaves its mark. Machu Picchu is a unique place and for that reason it is one of the wonders of the modern world, but to reach it with effort makes the experience absolutely round. What's more, when you arrive after 4 days walking you feel adventurous and know that you will enjoy that a thousand times more than the rest.Now we will present you 10 tips to make Inca Trail, enjoying fully your journey to reach the magnificent Machu Picchu.Let's start: 


1.Book the trekking with time.

Access to the Inca Trail is limited and once the quotas set by the government are covered, it is not possible to access in any way. For this reason it is essential to plan the trip with time (especially if you go in high season) to be able to reserve places well in advance. There are many agencies that organize the trek. If you are one of those who likes to arrive to the country and look for options, for Inca Trail this will be not possible, in this case you can stay without the possibility of entering the Inca Trail.So keep in mind this tip.

2.Do not leave the climb to Wayna Picchu for the last moment.

The access to Wayna Picchu is even more restricted than that of the Inca Trail. So if you intend to upload, which we recommend, do not leave for the last time. Arriving at Machu Picchu, wanting to climb Wayna Picchu and not being able to because you did not have a foresight is a great disappointment.

3.Make a good backpack. 

This advice seems repetitive, but it is always the step that fails the most. You will be 4 days walking and are long and demanding days, each gram sum. Do not take anything more than what is strictly necessary. A footwear for the walk and some crocs to relax the feet will be more than enough as far as footwear is concerned. Clothes for 4 days and a rain jacket if you go in the rainy season. Bring a good backpack is essential because the grams start to be seem as kilos as the kilometers advance so having a comfortable and ergonomic backpack will make things much easier. Use the straps of the chest and waist, relieve the weight of the shoulders by distributing it more evenly throughout the trunk. 

4.Pay attention to footwear.

In the Inca Trail there is nothing, so if your shoes are broken you will be in a great hurry. Obviously, it is not advisable to wear shoes without premiering since the only thing you will get are some blisters. You do not need hiking boots, with a half-boot or trekking shoe is more than enough. 



The Inca Trail goes through the 4200 meters high and it is likely that if your body has not got used to the altitude you have a bad time. Obviously each organism reacts in different ways, you may not even notice it. But to arrive to Cusco and the next day to begin the trekking, it is risky for your health. To acclimatize you can take a couple of days in Cusco and realize a city tour or a small trip of 1 day. They are preventive measures, that can avoid that we pass bad our excursion if we decided to do without them. 

6.Protect yourself from the rain. 

This advice is only if you go in the rainy season, if so, although once again although it seems obvious is one of the tips that can help you to have a good trip. Take the clothes in plastic bags inside the backpack and carry spare ponchos, because the humidity can make your clothes feel wet when using it. 


The road is long do not try to be the first. You have to be very aware about our limits and walk at our own pace. It is normal that the whole group arrives at the end of the stages with hours of difference, nothing happens, each one must take their rhythm and be aware that the next day there is more to walk.

8. Take a stick. 

The stick is a great ally for walks. You can take it or buy it there directly as you prefer. If you have metal sticks you will have to buy plastic protectors for the metal tips to let you use them. The stick is a common element in the people who frequent the mountain, it is a great support in the climbs to help you in the momentum and a great ally in the descents to avoid or at least control, slips and losses of balance 

9.- Mix. 

The Inca Trail is made with a more or less numerous group of people so you can share experiences with people from other countries as well as with the people of the organization and the porters. You can consider the trekking in a more individualistic way, but honestly it is a mistake and also practically impossible, even for meals and dinners, you end up creating a small family that is what makes this experience so wonderful. 

10.- Enjoy.

As final advice and not least, enjoy. Enjoy the group, the landscape, the moment. Do not consider the Inca Trail as a process before you get to enjoy Machu Picchu, the essence is in the path itself. Machu Picchu will be your reward . Try to catch in your memory the sunrise from Inti Punku, do not miss the best moments for trying to take a thousand photos, sit and enjoy.
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