The Tinajani canyon, one of the hidden wonders of Puno
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The Tinajani canyon, one of the hidden wonders of Puno

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The Tinajani canyon, one of the hidden wonders of Puno

The Tinajani canyon is formed by a set of anthropomorphic stone figures, with narrow ravines and small rivers that run through its territory, the place also has funerary chullpas from ancient highland cultures.


The Tinajani Canyon is a perfect place for those who love to explore impressive natural landscapes. In its more than 200 hectares you will find imposing and gigantic sandstone rock formations that give this space its characteristic reddish color.


These formations are accompanied by the Pacobamba, a river with calm crystal clear waters that runs through the canyon's ravines. The landscape that you can see in this place will leave you speechless!


What is the origin?

On the origin of this imposing, strange and welcoming space; Geologists inform us that these rock formations are: reddish sandstone sedimentations and that it was probably the bed of the great Ballivian Lake, predecessor of Lake Titicaca and Lake Popo. Millions of years ago this entire sector was covered with water, after geological changes it dried up until it became what is today the famous navigable lake "Titicaca".


Result erosive agents such as wind, hail, snowfall and rain; very common in this area, they have been "with the passing of time" sculpting these majestic rocks; The hand of man did not intervene here, perhaps for this nature, man is simply one more component, which is lost in some small natural sinkholes at the base of these stony masses.


The rocks, also known as the "Devil's Canyon", can reach tens of meters high. The figures they form are left to the imagination of visitors who will be pleasantly surprised by this magnificent place.


Geological and landscape importance

The Tinajani canyon has great geological importance due to its unique and spectacular rock formations. These structures, sculpted by the action of wind and water over the years, offer an impressive natural spectacle, plus the landscape that surrounds the canyon is simply stunning, with imposing mountains and good views that captivate visitors.



The Tinajani canyon is located in the province of Melgar, in the department of Puno, Peru (The Tinajani canyon is located 12 kilometers southeast of Ayaviri, province of Melgar, in the wonderful region of Puno). Therefore, to access this incredible place, it is necessary to take a walk of approximately 3 hours from the community of Tinajani, but during the tour, visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape and extensive panoramic views.


Tinajani Canyon



The Tinajani Canyon is located at 3953 m.a.s.l.


Entrance fee:

Admission to this beautiful "forest of stones" is free.


Legends around the canyon:

The Canyon is not only a beautiful natural setting, on the contrary, it is part of the oral tradition of the region. Thus, various legends about Tinajani have been inherited.


One of the most famous is the one that tells that the Inca Pachacutec was worried because the Collasuyo region was going through a drought, which meant that there was no food and that the inhabitants and animals were dying.


To counteract the drought, the Inca gathered the best diviners, who responded that the cause of this phenomenon came from the presence of a devil that had taken possession of the region. Given this, Pachacutec sends his army to make three stone jars in the Tinajani ravine so that the devil can purify himself in the cold waters and leave the region or remain prisoner in the waters.


The villagers say that in the rainy months you can feel the voice and the moan of the devil trapped in the jars. However, other residents say that it is on cold nights when the devil bathes in the waters.


How to get to the Tinajani Canyon?


The Tinajani Canyon is located 150 km north of Puno and 4059 meters above sea level.


To get here, you will have to travel to the city of Ayaviri, from where the detour to the canyon leaves. The section between Ayaviri and the canyon is only 14 kilometers long, which you can do by transport or on foot, since it is a flat terrain perfect for a simple walk.


After your visit to the canyon, we recommend you make a stop at Ayaviri, where you can recharge your batteries with a delicious cancacho: a typical local dish made with roasted and macerated lamb meat. A perfect closure for your visit to the Tinajani Canyon!


Canyon de Tinajani

Tourist attractions

Although this impressive canyon offers a series of tourist attractions, from its impressive rock formations to caverns and caves, what really stands out is its flora and fauna that can be seen from the beginning of the tour, and which leaves one amazed.

  • Impressive rock formations: The rock formations of the Tinajani Canyon are truly impressive, as these enormous stone structures have been sculpted by erosion over thousands of years, creating surprising and whimsical shapes, ranging from giant pillars to natural arches (these formations are a testimony to the power of nature).
  • Caverns and caves: The Tinajani canyon, in addition to its incredible rock formations, also houses numerous caverns and caves that one can explore, since these underground spaces offer a fascinating experience, where you can observe stalactites and stalagmites formed over time.
  • Unique flora and fauna: Leaving aside its rock formations and caves, Tinajani Canyon is home to charming flora and fauna, where you can see a wide variety of plant and animal species that have managed to adapt to this inhospitable environment, these range from native flowers to birds and mammals in their natural habitat, this biological diversity can be observed throughout the land.

Activities and experiences

In this hidden place, one can enjoy a variety of activities and experiences in conjunction with nature, among these is the most popular option, hiking and trekking, where you can explore the roads and trails that cross the canyon, offering spectacular views impressive panoramic views.


Likewise, fauna is present in the area where you can see a paradise for bird watching, with endemic and migratory species that live in these parts; Although, on the other hand, if you stay a while in this place then you have the option of camping and enjoying the tranquility and serenity of nature, and do not forget to bring a camera, since the canyon offers a great diversity of scenarios natural that allow you to capture impressive images.

  • Hiking and trekking: Hiking and trekking are some of the best ways to explore the Tinajani canyon, so there are routes designed for different levels of difficulty, from gentle walks to challenging climbs, this way during the walk, you will be able to admire the imposing cliffs, the rock formations and the crystalline streams that run through the canyon. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn about the native flora and fauna of the area.
  • Bird watching: The Tinajani canyon has a great diversity of flying species, which makes it a perfect place for bird watching and where you can see kestrels, hawks and eagles flying over the canyon, as well as hummingbirds and other colorful birds perching on the canyon trees.
  • Camping and enjoying nature: If you want to see this place in depth, then camping is a good option, since you can enjoy starry and calm nights surrounded by imposing cliffs and lush vegetation. But keep in mind that there are designated camping areas, as well as basic services to ensure a comfortable experience, so staying and waking up in the middle of this natural environment will be an unforgettable experience.


Recommendations and advice if you visit this place

When visiting the Tinajani Canyon in Puno, it is recommended to wear clothing appropriate for the weather, as temperatures can vary considerably during the day, so it is also important to bring sunscreen, a hat and insect repellent. Likewise, it is advisable to bring water and food to be well hydrated and energized during the tour.


Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Tinajani canyon in Puno is during the dry season, which runs from May to September. During these months, rain is scarce and temperatures are milder, allowing you to enjoy pleasant weather to explore this beautiful place; However, it is important to keep in mind that the nights tend to be cold, so it is advisable to bring warm clothing.


Respect for the natural environment

When visiting the Tinajani canyon in Puno, it is essential to respect the natural environment, so mainly you should avoid throwing garbage and carrying out actions that could damage the ecosystem; In addition, plants, rocks or animals found in the area should not be extracted or damaged.


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