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Machu Picchu Tickets 2021 - 2022

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Machu Picchu Tickets 2021 - 2022

More than 100 years have gone since Machupicchu was scientifically discovered and known to the world and then was declared a wonder of the world on 7 July, 2007.  This inca sanctuary is visited by thousands of tourists a day, so the number of visitors was limited in the numbers in order to preserve this Inca sanctuary for the future generations. Climbing mountain Huayna Picchu used to be totallly free but now the numbers were limited to 400 people per day. The first 200 people starts hiking at 7am and the second 200 people starts hiking at 10am. 


The high demand for Machupicchu pass, Machupicchu and huayna picchu mountain tickets  has made the spots to run out quickly and also because the tickets are bought online and only with authorized agencies. If you want to do Machu Picchu or  Huayna Picchu mountains, you have to book them way in advance. Climbing Huayna Picchu mountain takes 2 hours return trip and Machupicchu mountain takes 3 hours  retun trip. There are different ways to arrive in Machu Picchu a: The most famous is through the majestic path of the Inca Trail that has different versions depending the days you want to spend on the trek. Other way is through alternative hikes, such as Inca jungle (days options), Salkantay trek (days options), choquequirao trek (days options). All these alternative hikes arrive to Santa Teresa town and then continue to the Hydroelectric town and finally to Machu Picchu. The last option to arrive to Machupicchu and less tiring is going by train, Inca rail which the tickets are not expensive and thet seats are comfortable, or maybe Peru rail is the most use train and has many departures, but it is vey important to buy the tickets in advance to avoid inconviniences.

Here is some information and advices to obtain your Machu Picchu 2021 permits, step by step instructions. The first step is go to the website "machupicchu.gob.pe" and choose the ticket you want, there are some alternatives. Machu Picchu (only the pass to the Inca sanctuary) - Machu Picchu/MP museum (the pass to the Inca sanctuary and museum) - MachuPicchu/Mountain MP (the pass to the citadel and to the mountain) - Machu Picchu/Huayna Picchu (the pass to the citadel and to Huayna Picchu). It  is recommended to choose the last one (MP and HP) because when you arrive to the top of Huayna Picchu mountain, you  will take the best pictures and enjoy brilliant views of the Inca sanctuary of Machupichu. The next step you have to do is choose your nationality (peruvian or foreigner), then you need to put how many people will visit the lost Inca citadel and their respective ages of each one, if somebody has the ISIC card  should let you know because could have a discount. The final step is only verify again the data if it is correctly click to "generate booking" and will have your dream trip. Now, remember inca trail prices increases each year for that is better take your advance booking to avoid the inca trail last minute booking. Whatever be the case, if don't get your ticket don't worry, because there are some inca trail alternatives, for example, the salkantay booking or maybe choquequirao the golden cradle are great options and challenging routes too. Well, if you want some easier and social it could be the lares trek book in advance it is especially about interact and socialize with people of the area, learning their rituals and custom. Also as in any site is prohibited some acts: for example, carry or consume alcoholic beverages inside of the archaeological park of Machu Picchu. Climb the walls and other buildings from the lost citadel is prohibited too. Avoid make inscriptions on the floors, walls, stones, or something related with the citadel. Not subtract samples of lithic material and plants or flowers. Is completely prohibited throw solid or liquid waste. Also carry backpacks with a capacity greater  than 20kg. Is prohibited bring professional film or photography equipment for commercial purposes (if want do it first have to give a permit and the corresponding authorization in the regional directorate of culture). Avoid feed wild animals . All latest are rules made for a good tour and to avoid problems try to follow this rules either can result annoying than.


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