Get to know the mystical thermal baths of Santo Tomas, in Abancay
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Get to know the mystical thermal baths of Santo Tomas, in Abancay

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Get to know the mystical thermal baths of Santo Tomas, in Abancay

In the district of Pichirhua, in the province of Abancay, in the Apurímac region, are the Santo Tomas Hot Springs.


These hot springs are located on the banks of the Pachachaca River and arise from two water sources that are distributed in rudimentary pools in the surrounding territory. The minerals that nourish the waters of the Santo Tomas springs are recommended for people with muscle ailments or high stress levels, since they have relaxing and analgesic properties.


In order to get to the Santo Tomas Hot Springs, it is necessary to walk along a 5 km path. Admission to the hot springs is free, and although the place can be visited at any time, it is preferable to do it in the morning. .



Located at kilometer 437 of the interoceanic highway and on the left bank of the Pachachaca River, a few kilometers from the city of Abancay, and one and a half kilometers from the Pachachaca colonial bridge.


After walking for about 20 minutes from Pachachaca and passing through some sugar cane fields, you pass a small river named Tincoc that descends from the heights of the annex of Tambo and Sotapa, from this small river the road becomes narrow and full of plants that try to cover the visibility of the walker, from this point you can see the Ampay Huaico ravine in front, one of the many micro-basins that the great Pachachaca River has.


From a rock wall of more than 20 meters the waters of Santo Tomás are born, which flows constantly to the water wells that are located on the edge of the river, the water wells that are like a step on the banks of There are two Pachachaca that have an average temperature of 20 °C and below these pools there are more than one pool but with a smaller diameter, however the temperature of its waters increases significantly, reaching up to 35 °C.


What will you find in: Santo Tomas Hot Springs?

The hot springs are formed by two springs of water from which a regular amount of warm water flows, branching off to different outlets. The landscape is truly impressive, with rock formations and a wide range of colors acquired by the salts and minerals that resemble small caverns or caves and framing this area there is a canyon downstream in the form of a large gate and as a complement to the landscape you can see a diversity of flora such as molle, reeds, pati, huarango, prickly pear, giant, wild and birds such as pichinco, chihuaco, hummingbird, parrot, killincho, yours and eagle. This water source is located in the Pachachaca river canyon, a tributary of the Apurímac river.


How to get there hot springs of Santo Tomás?

Economic option, there are public transport companies that provide service to Chalhuanca, they take you for 1.50 soles to the height of the bridge, in the place there are houses that offer the famous brandy of Pachachaca sugar cane; then you will have to walk to the colonial bridge of Pachachaca, for a time of 10 minutes.


After crossing and appreciating the bridge, you will have to walk for approximately 25 minutes to the right side (downstream) before arriving there is a small stream that you have to cross carefully, because in the rainy season the flow increases making it difficult to pass ; Total distance you have to travel, from the bridge to the baths is 1.61 kilometers.


The best option to get to Santo Tomás, go in a group and take a taxi to the Pachachaca bridge, for a cost of 15 soles, then follow the route indicated in the economic option, and on the way back there was a minivan to Abancay, cost 3 soles, that It was in the afternoon, I imagine that during the day one has to wait on the bridge much longer.


But if you are in a hurry you can calmly go to the Panamericana, there if there is mobility towards Abancay.



Taxi 13 soles for 5 people only round trip 1.50 public transport.



Do not get too close to the edge of the river, there were already many people who fearfully did the opposite and the consequences are not good, always go accompanied, since there is no visually close farmhouse or annex in the place. Even if you ask for help, no one would come to your aid because of the noise generated by the river; the risk of falling into the river exists if you get too close to the edge, because there is no wall or railing where you can hold on; take your precautions and enjoy the ride.


If you go alone, try to get to the Pachachaca colonial bridge and there join people who go to the bathrooms, I am sure that the walk will be a beautiful memory.


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