Tarapoto: 10 activities to do in this destination
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Tarapoto: 10 activities to do in this destination

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Tarapoto: 10 activities to do in this destination

Tarapoto enjoys an excellent geographical location, a modern airport and well-maintained highways, with which you can connect to all destinations in the north-east of Peru, and that will make your trip a pleasure.


From bathing in one of its natural pools formed by waterfalls to visiting an animal rescue center. The City of Palm Trees offers you various activities.



San Martin Province (San Martin Region, Peru)


How to get to Tarapoto?

You can get to Tarapoto by plane, from Lima airport (1 hour) and Iquitos (45 minutes), or by road, with buses leaving from the city of Lima (20 hours) and Chiclayo (14 hours).


Points of interest:

  • Alto Shilcayo Ecotourism Circuit
  • Gastronomica route
  • Ahuashiyacu waterfall
  • Huacamaillo Waterfall
  • Wine Route
  • Cities and towns of destination Tarapoto
  • Tarapoto
  • Saint Anthony of Cumbaza

Tarapoto: 10 activities to do in this destination

The City of Palm Trees offers a wide variety of activities such as strolling through a large lake surrounded by vegetation to bathing in its waterfalls.


The Tarapoto destination is located at the foot of the Cordillera Escalera, a natural conservation area that is home to abundant dense tropical forests and countless imposing waterfalls, which are the home of happiness.


Tarapoto is the starting point to enter any destination in the Peruvian jungle, not only because it has an airport, but also because it acts as a node interconnecting the different San Martin destinations with the rest of the regions of Peru by road.


Once in Tarapoto, you will have realized that you are in the low jungle due to its sunny and hot climate, with temperatures around 38 degrees. From here, you can decide which course to take.


The city of Tarapoto differs from the others for being the commercial heart of the San Martín region, a fact that makes it the ideal place to enjoy the delicious and recognized Amazonian gastronomy, with national prestige, in its many and varied restaurants.


Here, you will not only be able to taste the main typical dishes of the jungle, such as smoked fish, such as patarashca; the chonta salad, the tacaco with cecina, etc., but also fusion dishes that are a real pleasure of sensations and that you cannot miss.


If you want to reduce the heat and you like adventure, just 15 minutes from the center of Tarapoto, start the Alto Shilcayo ecotourism circuit, in the Cordillera Escalera, where you will feel the immediate disconnection from the city to reconnect with the purest jungle that Tarapoto has for you.


A trek through one of the places where you can appreciate a large number of endemic amphibians, such as the typical colored frogs, and the greatest diversity of birds in the world, since Andean, Amazonian and Huallaga dry forest species converge here.


If you prefer another alternative route, you can travel to the town of San Antonio de Cumbaza and learn about the process of making different types of wines with regional grapes and do a tasting, together with the same local producers, and then bathe in one of its waterfalls. , such as the Huacamaillo Waterfall.


The Tarapoto destination has hotels, hostels and ecolodges equipped to receive tourists at all levels, both in the city itself and in the surroundings, so that your trip is pleasant and full of new experiences.


Discover Tarapoto and live an Amazonian experience!


Willow Blue Lagoon

It is located in the district of Sauce in the region of San Martín, an hour and a half from Tarapoto. It is one of the most visited places in the region where you can do water activities such as canopy, kayak and paddle, or get on a jet ski. In addition, you will observe birds such as herons, kingfishers, eagles, among others.


Carpishuyacu Waterfall

It is located one hour from Tarapoto. Here people can swim in the green natural pool, which is formed due to the fall of the waterfall. If you want to splash in this place you must take a walk of approximately one hour.


Urku Center

A team of scientists, interns and volunteers are in charge of protecting and rescuing endangered species in the region. This center houses more than 1,000 animals, which you can see in their natural habitat. There are guided tours every 30 minutes and the entrance fee for children is S/3.00, adults S/12.00 and teenagers S/5.00.


Ahuashiyacu Waterfall

Another of the best-known attractions of Tarapoto is the Ahuashiyacu waterfall, located in the Cordillera Escalera Regional Conservation Area. This impressive 40 meter waterfall is located 20 minutes by car from the city. People who visit the waterfall will connect with nature, they will observe a great diversity of butterflies or the cock of the rocks and they will be able to swim in the natural pool.


Venice Lagoon

When you arrive at the Venice lagoon you will be surrounded by a lot of vegetation and incredible landscapes. Here you can swim in the lagoon and perform a series of activities such as boating, fishing or doing a motocross circuit.


Diamond Cave

It is located in the Alto Mayo protection forest, 1 hour and a half from Tarapoto. Here you will see mysterious animals that live in the dark like bats and spiders. In addition, you will find limestone, stalagmite and stalactite formations.


Pishurayacu waterfall

It is located within the Cordillera Escalera regional conservation area in the San José hamlet. Once here you will be able to appreciate two six-meter falls, which form a natural pool where people can take a dip. Entrance price: adults S/ 5.00 and Children S/ 3.00.


Chullachaqui Theme Park

It is located on the Yurimaguas highway within the Cordillera Escalera. Here the whole family can have fun, especially children, as they can be photographed next to the animal statues. Not only that, but there is an exhibition of paintings that tell various stories of the Peruvian Amazon.


Talliquihui Waterfall Adventure

La Cascada is south of the department of San Martin, in the province of El Dorado. If you are an adventurous person, this place is the one, because you can rappel. In order for you to be able to do this adventure sport, you must have a suitable shoe and light clothing.


Polish Petroglyphs

It is located in the district of La Banda del Shilcayo in the province of San Martín. The name polish comes from the name "Clear Plain" and they are a set of engraved stones of animals and plants in low relief. They were discovered in 1966 by Professor Wilson León Bazán.


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