Archaeological complex of Sondor: know this imposing ceremonial center
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Archaeological complex of Sondor: know this imposing ceremonial center

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Archaeological complex of Sondor: know this imposing ceremonial center

These constructions originally belonged to the Chanka culture (1100-1400 AD), but were later occupied by the Incas (1400-1532). They have a pyramidal shape and are surrounded by walls and terraces that lead to platforms with wide open spaces.


Due to the shape of the central pyramid and its strategic view towards the Pacucha lagoon, religious activities would have taken place in Sóndor. The complex has an area of ​​10 hectares and is located at more than 3,200 meters above sea level.


Where is the Sondor Archaeological Complex located?

Located in the district of Pacucha, 30 minutes from the city of Andahuaylas in the department of Apurimac, it can be reached by public or private transportation.



Sondor is located at an approximate height of 3,200 meters above sea level.



It occupies an average of 10 hectares, divided into 5 sectors.


A mystical place of the culture of the brave Chankas with an excellent location, with excellent views.


Sondor Archaeological Complex: discover its surprising stories

In the district of Pacucha, 30 minutes from the city of Andahuaylas, in Apurímac, is the Archaeological Complex of Sondor, also known as the Ceremonial Center of Sondor. This destination is characterized by a majestic building built in stone, which has an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares. Also, this place is made up of several sectors: Wayranapa Muqu, Puku Raqay, Sondor, Puka Corral, Muyu Muyu, Bandorcancha, Suyturumi and Churrubamba. Each of these divisions has an archaeological and cultural wealth that is worth exploring.


Among them, Puka Corral stands out, which is surrounded by 3 terraces. But, it is the intermediate one that attracts the most attention due to its architectural details such as its 7 trapezoidal niches. In addition, at the bottom there is a platform known as the 'Sacrifice Table'.


Another of the sectors that you will see is Muyu Muyu, a construction of more than 200 meters high, which has a pyramidal shape.


Likewise, within its main characteristics, there are its 8 artificial terraces, which you can visit, without any problem, since they are connected by a staircase of 500 steps, on average. In the upper part, there is a circular enclosure, which is surrounded by two stone blocks. It is said that this sector is of great importance because it was one of the first discoveries of this sacred place.


Additionally, in the Sondor Archaeological Complex you will find some small stone enclosures with thatched roofs, which, according to historians, would have been used for religious rituals. Also, during your visit to this historic place, you will see esplanades, platforms, platforms, walls, rooms and more, which will make this trip an unforgettable experience.


Sondor Archaeological complex


The most outstanding building in Sondor is the so-called Muyu Muyu

Some scholars believe that in its time it served to carry out human sacrifices and these offerings would have been made at the top of the pyramid, where a huaca has been found. Other theories explain that this place was the center of worship of the Sun, since it can be found in the same place, the presence of what would have been intended to be an Intiwatana (or sundial), an affirmation that could be sustained in the writings of the 16th century, like the publication of Cieza de León, where this place is called “house of the sun” or with the orientation of the ceremonial table. Similarly, recent explanations have also provided the hypothesis that the shape of the pyramid structure could respond to an agrarian purpose in relation to the movement of the sun.


In the construction it is notorious to observe the presence of a paved square and a table destined for sacrifices, whose orientation is to the East, where the sun's rays are emitted.


To get to know this wonderful destination, remember that you can contact Waman Adventures, a travel agency committed to showing the best of Peru.

Muyu Muyu SOndor Andahuaylillas


What can you do in the Sondor Archaeological Complex?

The Sondor Archaeological Complex is an ideal destination for lovers of adventure and history. In this place you will have the possibility to explore the vestiges of the Chanka and Inca architecture. For this reason, one of the best plans are the guided tours of the entire complex.


During this activity, you will learn the most surprising stories that come from the investigations that have been carried out for a long time. It is said that sacrifices were made in the Muyu Muyu sector, which would have been offered to the sun and to Mother Earth. These would have been held at the top of this pyramid. The experts reached this conclusion due to the discovery of a huaca.


However, there are other stories that indicate that this space was dedicated to sun worship. This version is based on ancient writings, and on its pyramidal shape, which would have an agrarian purpose in relation to the movement of the sun.


Similarly, this journey through the history of Peru will take you through all sectors, which have great historical and cultural wealth. In the same way, during the route that is surrounded by exuberant vegetation, you can visit the top of Muyu Muyu, climbing the almost 500 stone steps. From this point, you will have a privileged view of all the natural beauty that surrounds this ancestral land. In addition to this, you can draw your own conclusions about the stories that were mentioned above.


Without a doubt, this is a destination that will help you discover those details that, perhaps, you did not know about these civilizations. In addition, by getting to know these constructions up close, you will be able to immerse yourself in a historical journey, which will help you see the present in a different way. Don't think about it anymore and go ahead and visit this destination!


Learn about the battle between the Chankas and Incas in a traditional celebration

If you travel in the month of June, between the 18th and 19th, you will have the privilege of witnessing the representation of the emblematic battle between the Chankas and Incas, the two civilizations that populated these lands.


This celebration, which is known as 'Sondor Raymi', seeks to commemorate a historical event and, at the same time, attract tourists. This show draws attention for the careful representation of each of the participants. In addition, it has other elements such as costumes, staging, music and dialogues in Quechua, which make this a show with great artistic and historical value.


Likewise, during this celebration you will see the leaders, priests and other important characters who build the history of Peru. This is, without a doubt, a ceremony that you cannot miss during your visit to the Sondor Archaeological Complex.


Finally, if you visit the complex, do not miss the Laguna de Pachuca; another great protagonist of this event. This beautiful lagoon, which is located near Sóndor, has amazing flora and fauna, ideal for nature lovers. In it, you can take relaxing boat rides that will take you on a tour of its blue waters, so that you can contemplate its beautiful landscapes.



Sondor Andahuayllas Cusco

How to get to the Sondor Archaeological Complex?

If you leave Lima, you can take a direct route to Andahuaylas with Wari Palomino and Señor de Huanca. The cost of the ticket starts at S/ 100. Upon reaching this point, you must continue the journey to Pachuca. Then, at the district terminal, you will find transportation that will leave you close to the Sondor Archaeological Complex.


Finally, you must take a short walk to the entrance of the complex. Keep in mind that it has a cost of S/2 per person.


As for lodging, it is best to spend the night in the city of Andahuaylas, where you will find several places at good prices. Also, if you want to eat something delicious and traditional, on the outskirts of the complex you will find local food stalls.



  • In the Laguna de Pachuca you can do extreme sports such as paragliding. Also, you can rent bicycles to ride the circuit around the lagoon.
  • The 'Epopeya chanka' or 'Sondor Raymi', has the participation of local actors and more than 200 musicians, from the different provinces of the region.
  • Remember to contribute to the conservation of these natural and historical spaces in the country.
  • The celebration of the Sondor Raymi is part of the activities carried out within the framework of the anniversary of the political creation of Andahuaylas.
  • For experts, the remains that have been found in this complex would answer many of the mysteries about the fall of the Chanka culture before the Incas.
  • Sondor Raym seeks to promote tourism in Apurimac and, at the same time, contributes to rescuing ancestral values.

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