Sondondo Valley: where Culture and Adventure come together
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Sondondo Valley: where Culture and Adventure come together

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Sondondo Valley: where Culture and Adventure come together

In the Sondondo Valley, in the province of Lucanas, in addition to contemplating nature, you can also do adventure sports such as canoeing, sport fishing, zip lines, trekking, kayaking, and experiential tourism.


And, with experiential tourism, you will be able to experience first-hand the harvesting of the harvest and the traditional Andean rituals and dances.


The Sondondo Valley: UNESCO Cultural Heritage

This valley is considered by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage, as it is an example of the Andean agro-pastoral landscape in excellent conservation.


This natural and cultural landscape has been continuously occupied for more than a millennium, reflecting different agricultural production technologies applied by the cultures that lived in it.


Its current population has preserved and improved the management of agriculture and livestock techniques, as well as the Andean worldview, which involves its rites, dances and festivals.


In addition, native flora and fauna are preserved in the valley, so you can see wild birds and animals such as deer, foxes, pumas, vizcachas, among others.


Where is it and how to get to the Sondondo Valley?

The Sondondo Valley is located in Ayacucho, in the province of Lucanas, at more than 3,550 m. yes n. m.


From Lima you can get there traveling to Ayacucho, on a journey that lasts approximately 10 hours. Companies such as Movilbus and Tepsa reach this destination.


Once in Ayacucho, you must take another bus to the Carmen Salcedo district (Andamarca), in the province of Lucanas; this trip lasts about 6 hours.


Another way to get there is from Nazca or Ica through the Interoceanic Route and the trip takes approximately 13 hours.


Main Characteristics and Attractions of this Destination

The valley is made up of several districts, each with its different attractions. There you can find ravines, canyons, beautiful forests, mountains, plateaus and various archaeological complexes. Its temperature ranges between 14°C and 24°C.


Thanks to these travelers, in the video below you can see what some of its attractions are like:

Among its unmissable places are:


Incredible Waterfalls and Lagoons in Valle del Sondondo

The Puzapaccha Waterfall, Tupanlla, Condorsencca and Lima Huacho, are some of the waterfalls that you can visit.


The Lima Huacho Waterfall is quite close to the Plaza Mayor de Sondondo and you can get there on foot. Also, you can enjoy the Yapu Lagoon, Otumbray, Huancacocha and Parqaqocha.


Archaeological Complexes

In the valley you can visit various buildings that belonged to the Wari culture, such as the Jincamoqo. Also, you will have the opportunity to visit the Chipaomarca Citadel, the Marqaraqay archaeological site, the Larigoto Ruins, the Caniche Archaeological Complex or the Aqanta cave paintings.


Remember that to get to know them all, you must hire a tour. You dare?


Sondondo Valley Hot Springs

Thermal waters abound in the Sondondo Valley, perfect for people with health conditions. Among them are:

  • Thermal Baths of Tinkua (Carmen Salcedo district).
  • Hot Springs of Ccollpa (Chipao district).
  • Thermal Baths of Santa Ana de Huaycahuacho (Huaycahuacho district).
  • House of Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala
  • Located in the town of Sondondo. This house belonged to the Peruvian chronicler Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala and only the walls remain, dating from the 16th century.

Also, you can see in its surroundings the eucalyptus fields and the wild ducks that live on the edge of the Sondondo River.


The Flight of the Condors From the Mirador de Mayobamba

This viewpoint is located in the Chipao District, at 3,595 m. yes n. m., and allows you to see innumerable condors, it is even possible to see some with their young.


This is their natural habitat, so the image of these majestic birds, crossing the valley, is unmatched.


How to get?

From Lima, there are several ways to get to the Sondondo Valley. The first option is to take a bus to Huamanga (the redBus ticket costs between 35 and 90 soles and the trip takes an average of 9 hours) and then go by car or van to the province of Lucanas, to finally reach the district of Andamarca.


Another way to get there is via Ica (6 hours from Lima and with a cost of approximately 40 to 120 soles), then move to Pampas Galeras, Puquio and, finally, to the district of Andamarca, from where the journey begins.


To plan an ideal trip to the Sondondo Valley, it is preferable to choose the month of August. Why? On the 15th of that month, the Patronal Feast of Sondondo to the Virgin of the Assumption is celebrated, which is the most important celebration of the place. For several days different activities are carried out, including cultural, religious and artistic.


Other traditional festivities are the Humita and Rafting Festival (April), the patron saint festivities in honor of San Pedro (June 29), the San Isidro Labrador patron saint festival (August 26-30) or the Water Festival (September).


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