Sachaca Tourist Viewpoint: A perfect place to appreciate the city, the countryside and the volcanoes
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Sachaca Tourist Viewpoint: A perfect place to appreciate the city, the countryside and the volcanoes

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Sachaca Tourist Viewpoint: A perfect place to appreciate the city, the countryside and the volcanoes

From the top you can see the extensive Arequipa countryside, the old and modern houses of the city. This 19-meter-high tower was built at the top of the hill that housed the old Sachaca cemetery, remodeled in 1996. The viewpoint has five floors. From its terrace you can see the Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu volcanoes. On the third floor is the statue of a White Christ the Redeemer made of marble, 2.5 meters high, which was sent from France in 1969.


This viewpoint is located 4 km from the city.


If you want to see a viewpoint with little influx of people, Correo shows you the tour of the Sachaca Tourist Viewpoint, located five minutes from the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa. The attraction was built in 1988, in the upper part of the Traditional Town of Sachaca. According to the review, the space was formerly a cemetery. The building is 19 meters high and occupies an area of ​​29 square meters.


The construction of the tower is made of noble material, but it was veneered with pieces of ashlar. Due to its age, the viewpoint was remodeled twice, the first in 1996 and 2022.


What can we find? At the bottom you can find a large space to rest and observe part of the district's countryside. There are portals veneered with ashlar.


But the highlight is the tower, which has five floors. On the third level you can see the image of the White Christ the Redeemer that measures 2 and a half meters high and is built on a marble base, which was sent in 1969 from France, for the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts and later was requested to be donated to the commune.


Attention? According to staff from the District Municipality of Sachaca, the Tourist Viewpoint is open to the general public from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. I don't know if it is open on Sundays and holidays.


How to get to Mirador de Sachaca?

To get to the Mirador de Sachaca from the historic center of the city, it is at a distance of 6 kilometers, so you must take a car, which will take you about 15 minutes to get to the Mirador de Sachaca.


Generally, to get here you have to take a bus or car, because the route is long and to save time it is better to go by car and enjoy the best views.


Attention schedule

To enter this place you can do so from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


What to see and do at the Sachaca Viewpoint?


Panoramic view of volcanoes

From the top of the Sachaca Viewpoint you can see the 3 volcanoes that surround the city of Arequipa, there is Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu, from here you can take the best panoramic photographic shots and the beautiful sunset.


White Christ

On the third floor of the viewpoint you will find the Cristo Blanco monument, perfect for taking some good photos with the natural background of Arequipa.


Sunset at the top of Sachaca

As you know, sunsets on the coast actually enchant everyone, whether being on the beach or what better view to be at the top and how to admire how the sun closes that cycle of the sunny day with beautiful colors in the sky, for every lover. When it comes to photography, taking photos at sunset is the best thing one can have.


So, don't wait any longer to visit the Mirador de Sachaca, it has an incredible view and you can take good photographs, in addition to taking home one of the best memories of the white city.


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