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Camp at Rosalina Beach

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Camp at Rosalina Beach

Playa Rosalina in Peru is a paid camp by the river with a pleasant landscape, bonfires at each site, toilets, showers, a very basic food store and a kitchen that prepares simple food. Playa Rosalina is located at 1,550 meters above sea level / 5,085 feet.


The Playa Rosalina campsite in Peru is basic but has bathrooms and showers (cold water, of course), something important after a hard day of hiking. It is also a fairly large campsite with space for 20 or 30 tents - usually there are not many people on the Choquequirao Peru trail but even if you go during the high season you will have plenty of space to relax.


Rosalina Beach on the route to Choquequirao is the best option for camping during your first night on the Choquequirao road. It is located on the banks of the Río Apurímac river, about a six-hour walk from the Mirador de Capuliyoc. When you go down from Capuliyoc, you will be tempted to stop at Cocamasana, another campsite an hour and a half above Playa Rosalina, but I recommend making the effort to continue to Playa Rosalina near Choquequirao.


For those who start the walk directly from the town of Cachora, this site on the banks of the Apurímac River is a good place to spend the night. It is also the last resting point before the ascent to Choquequirao. However, for those who start at the Mirador de Capuliyoc, it is highly recommended that they make their way to the next campground, which is called Santa Rosa.


Rosalina Beach


Services at Camp Playa Rosalina


Camp at Playa Rosalina

Again, bring your tent and a patch of dirt will be provided. Good cold showers and toilets exist in Playa.


Food cooked at Camp Playa Rosalina

No food available for purchase.


Food to buy

There was a small kiosk where you could buy French fries, cookies, chocolate, and coca leaves. It was not very well supplied, but it had enough to survive.



I don't recall seeing toiletries here, but I suspect that toilet paper would be available for purchase.


Playa Rosalina


Choquequirao Hike through Rosalina Beach in Peru

Choquequirao is a place as wonderful as Machu Picchu; less known, more unexplored. Virgin and free from the abundant tourist visit. A Machu Picchu to arrive as a backpacker, with long independent walks and camping on the route. Choquequirao is also known as the sacred sister of Machu Picchu. It is therefore a great archaeological complex with buildings and terraces, testimony of the Incas conquering the heights of the mountains.


Fast facts of the Choquequirao trek

  • The Choquequirao Tour 4 days / 3 nights begins near the Mirador de Capuliyoc, 6.7 miles (10.8 km) north of Cachora, at the end of a well-maintained dirt road.
  • From the trailhead it's 5.9 miles to the bottom of the Apurimac Canyon and a 4,761ft (1,451m) descent.
  • From the bottom of the Canyon to Choquequirao there are 6.2 miles and 4,882 (1,488m) of unevenness.
  • Round trip distance is 24 miles (38.62 km)

How high is Choquequirao?

The citadel is at 3,035 meters above sea level and at the lowest point of the walk you will be at 1,461 meters above sea level. The climate is similar to that of Cusco, so it is advisable to prepare yourself for the heights before the hike.


Trek to Choquequirao

  • Trailhead to Capuliyoc Lookout: 3 miles (.5km) and an elevation gain of 119 feet (36.3m).
  • Mirador del Capuliyoc to Camp Chikisqa: 4.3 miles (6.9 km) and an elevation loss of 3,458 feet (1,054 m).
  • Camp Chiquisca to Camp Playa Rosalina: 1.3 miles (2.1 km) and an elevation loss of 1,303 feet (397 m).
  • Playa Rosalina to Santa Rosa: 1.6 miles (2.57 km) and an elevation gain of 1,768 feet (539 m).
  • Santa Rosa to Marampata: 2.3 miles (3.7 km) and an elevation gain of 2,818 feet (859 m).
  • Marampata - Choquequirao campground: 2.2 miles (3.54 km) and a net elevation gain of 476 feet (145 meters).

How to get to Choquequirao?

The easy (and expensive) way is to do it with a tour, which costs around $ 300 all-inclusive. But today we want to talk to you about the most adventurous and cheapest way to visit this citadel: on your own. Getting to San Pedro de Cachora The starting point for Choquequirao is the small town of San Pedro de Cachora, in the department of Abancay. To get there, you can do it from Cusco or from Lima.


We recommend spending a night in Cachora to start the walk very early the next day. From San Pedro de Cachora to the Santa Rosa camp The departure is from the Capullylloc point of view, located 7 kilometers from San Pedro de Cachora. Although many people do this section on foot, we recommend that you do it by taxi to save energy for the rest of the way. The first part of the route is a long descent to reach Playa Rosalina in Peru, where there is a camp where you can spend the night, but if you still have energy, we recommend that you take a short break and continue to Santa Rosa.


As soon as the first rays of the sun come out, it is time to continue with the path and thus we will reach our destination avoiding the hottest part of the day. From Santa Rosa to Choquequirao you will go through a long curvy road and climb. Before reaching the Inca citadel, you will cross the city of Marampata, where you can stop for lunch and recharge. From this point to Choquequirao, it is only about an hour of walking where you will pass through a more jungle area full of different types of butterflies.


Beach Rosalina


Once in Choquequirao, you have the option of seeing the citadel on the same day or spending the night there, since there is a camp, and take advantage of the next day to explore its constructions with more tranquility. As Choquequirao is not 100% discovered (most of the buildings are still under vegetation), the citadel can be traversed quickly. Do not miss the main square and its surroundings and the llama platforms (visiting the latter requires an extra effort, but it is worth it!) Return to San Pedro de Cachora After enjoying Choquequirao, you will have to return to San Pedro de Cachora crosses the same road. Our advice is to leave the citadel early and get to the Cocamasana camp. Here you can spend the night and finish the walk the next day: there are only 14 kilometers to go!


Other incredible tours in Cusco are: Inca Trail 4 days / 3 nights, and Salkantay Trek 5 days / 4 nights.


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