The Turquoise Pools of Munapata in Urcos, Cusco
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The Turquoise Pools of Munapata in Urcos, Cusco

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The Turquoise Pools of Munapata in Urcos, Cusco

The turquoise pools of Muñapata are a set of turquoise mirrors located in a canyon, which have an incredible beauty, combined with the rock formations and the natural environment that give it a unique landscape.


During the pandemic, many attractions were discovered in Cusco, this is the case of this natural wonder located in Urcos: The turquoise pools of Muñapata.


What are the turquoise pools of Muñapata?

These are a tourist attraction that is located in Urcos, province of Quispicanchi in Cusco. It is made up of turquoise-colored water wells that are submerged in the ground, forming pools in a small canyon that belongs to the town of Muñapata.


These wells guarantee travelers one of the best postcards and views of Cusco. It is worth mentioning that these waters are not for bathing or cooling off, but rather, they are for human consumption, so they must be taken care of.


How to get to the turquoise pools of Muñapata?

The turquoise pools canyon is located about 56 kilometers by road from the city of Cusco, it belongs to the community of Muñapata, district of Urcos and province of quispicanchi. In order to reach this natural beauty we must follow the following steps:


First: To get there you must follow the following route: Cusco – Urcos – Muñapata – Canyon of turquoise mirrors.

The first stretch Cusco – Urcos can be done by public transport. The buses leave from Huayruropata street in the city of Cusco. This first section takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.


Second: The second section Urcos - Muñapata can be done in a taxi from the main square of Urcos. This second stretch takes approximately 15 minutes.


Third: Finally: Muñapata – Canyon of turquoise mirrors is done on foot. The walk is approximately 20 minutes.


Ticket Cost

  • Foreign tourist: 7 soles
  • National tourist: 5 soles
  • Visitor from Cusco: 3 soles
  • Children: 3 soles

Climate in the turquoise pools of Muñapata

The weather in this area is very cold, we recommend dressing warmly and wearing a rain jacket just in case. During the dry season, the days are sunny and in the rainy season, sometimes the days are cloudy.


The path to the turquoise pools of Muñapata

The path is somewhat narrow and rugged, therefore it is advisable to wear anti-slip shoes or slippers. You walk for around 40 minutes one way at a normal pace, you walk uphill very lightly, passing also very precarious wooden bridges, through a eucalyptus ravine and almost upon reaching the turquoise waters of Muñapata you can see some plants such as ferns and others. For the return it is calculated as about 30 minutes always returning to the starting point that was the deviation of the Interoceanic.



Since its discovery and launch into the world of tourism in the second half of 2020, the turquoise pools of Muñapata have already received visitors at the local level. Due to the fact that some inconveniences have been reported by the residents, of a negative impact caused by improvised tourism to the pools, the decision has been made to suspend visits for a while.

It should be noted that the turquoise pools of Muñapata are a collection of water for consumption and irrigation of the communities of the district of Urcos Muñapata, Urcuspampa and Pampachulla.



THERE IS NO RESTRICTION!! The turquoise pools of Muñapata are back, the attraction is now open to the visiting public, for local tourists and foreign tourists who can enjoy the beautiful water pools with whitish and turquoise tones.


Before moving on to the tickets, it is important to mention that once again under a meeting held among the residents of the area, they remind visitors that they are extremely respectful of caring for and keeping the tourist attraction clean, and rather practicing responsible tourism. .


Urcos Lagoon

The Urcos lagoon is another of the attractions offered by the Urcos district. In recent years, tourist infrastructure has been implemented, such as the family park, which offers recreational parks, glass house and bungalows. The inhabitants of this district began to promote some boat rides in the lagoon, rides similar to those that take place in the lake port of Titicaca in Puno.

In this way, being in Urcos, it would be a good combination to see both the Turquoise pools of Muñapata and the Urcos lagoon in a single day. In case there is some time and physical effort left, you could go up to the Cristo Blanco de Urcos, which is a few meters up the hill visible from the Plaza de Urcos. From the viewpoint of the white Christ you can see the entire town and the Vilcanota valley including the lagoon, in itself it is a very beautiful view as well.


Recommended date to visit

It is advisable to visit during the dry season, which is usually between April and November. Since the road could be slippery and dirty, of course, if you still go, you will find waterfalls and muddy or colorless pools because during the summer (rainy season in Cusco) in these regions the days are frigid, rainy.


Why are these pools turquoise?

These waters adopt their turquoise color because they come from the tops of the surrounding mountains and these are saline. Because? because they contain carbonates, especially calcium produced by the erosion of limestone rocks that exist in the bed of this river.


Thanks to the sun's rays, they give it a turquoise color that provides this incredible view worthy of any cover.


What to bring to the visit?

  • Good slippers.
  • Poncho in case of rain.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Snacks or fruits.
  • Rehydration drinks.
  • Documents.
  • Photographic camera.
  • Cash.

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