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Geography and Climate of the City of Cusco

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Geography and Climate of the City of Cusco


Cusco city is surrounded by a 360 degree scenery of Andean mountains that interchange green and brown colors throughout the year. The territory of the department of Cusco presents rough geography, combining fertile inter-Andean Valleys with imposing mountains, to then go down to the jungle's edge, where the temperature rises and the landscape transforms itself into varied vegetation. That territory is situated in the heart of Peru south em Cordillera, defined by the Andes central and oriental Cordilleras and its borders are adjacent to 7 departments: to the North with Junin and Ucayali; to the east with Madre de Dios and Puno To the South, with Arequipa and to the west, with Apurimac and Ayacucho. The city of Cusco benefits from a semi-dry and cold climate. The maximum annual average temperature is 19.6ºC (67.3ºF) and the Minimum. of 3.2ºC (39.6ºF). The rainy season starts in November and ends in March and the mountains become green between June and July. Frosts are common and very occasional snowfalls have been reported. Its soils form the ideal space for the development of natural native grass and food products such as quinoa, wheat, kiwicha, cañihua, broad beans, oca, ulluco, oca, several types of corn, and more than 3 thousand varieties of potatoes. the volcano cordillera sheeter mounts ausangate (6,372 MAMSL) which is the department's highest point and Peru's fourth highest peak. Other elevations that stand out between Vilcabamba and Paucartambo are Mounts Salkantay, Pumasilli, and Sajsarayoc.


Best Times to Visit Cusco

The best time to visit Cusco is from June to mid-September. Though temperatures hover in the mid- to upper 60s throughout the year, the city sees fewer rain showers during its winter months. Still, this is peak tourist season, so expect plenty of fellow trekkers beside you as marvel at iconic sites. To escape swells of tourists and high room rates, visit during May or between late September and early November. Avoid visiting between late November and April, when heavy downpours delay and dampen exploration. Whenever you decide to plan your trip, bring warm clothing to arm yourself from the chilly nighttime temperatures, which dip into the low 30s and 40s.


Weather in Cusco

Average Temperature (°F)

Average Temperature for Cusco

Average Temperature (°F)

Average Precipitation for Cusco

Data sourced from the National Climatic Data Center

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