What to See and Visit in Huanchaco Trujillo
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What to See and Visit in Huanchaco Trujillo

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What to See and Visit in Huanchaco Trujillo

It is known for being the most beautiful beach that the city of Trujillo has. Over the years it has become one of the most popular beaches that receives hundreds of bathers who enjoy practicing sports such as surfing.


From their arrival on the shore, visitors get closer to the culture of northern Peru, having at their fingertips the striking Caballitos de Totora that are still used for artisanal fishing.


In Huanchaco, where the waves are furrowed, it complements the landscape that protects a colonial church named Virgen del Socorro, which is the second oldest in Peru.


History of the Huanchaco Beach

Full of tradition, this area in northern Peru has one of the tourist attractions that invites national and foreign travelers to seek refuge under the warmth of the sun.


It is a good alternative to spend sunny summer days in the scenery that was dominated by the Moche and Chimú cultures.


For many years it functioned as one of the ports of the region. The name of Huanchaco comes from "guaukocha" and means "Beautiful lagoon with golden fish".


Surfing in Trujillo

This is one of the destinations on the map for surfers looking for waves to practice and improve their techniques. It has received the title of World Surfing Reserve, being the first in Latin America and ranking fifth in the world.


Many of the travelers who come to this beach can immerse themselves in the sport thanks to the schools that can be found in the surrounding area, which offer personalized classes, equipment and board rentals for those who have gained a little experience.


Where is Huanchaco?

Tourists who want to escape from the cold days have among their options the city of Trujillo, which can be reached by own car, land company or by air, being a choice for those who want to save travel time.


Depending on the season, the price of the tickets are between 90 and 200 soles. We suggest that before starting this adventure, find out the state of the roads and if the company you hired has not rescheduled its departures.


When you arrive at the City of Eternal Spring, you will have to take a taxi to drop you off in Huanchaco. This tour lasts approximately 15 minutes.


The cost of this transport is between 10 and 20 soles per person, although there are buses that charge less.


What to do in Huanchaco?

Visitors have access to free and other paid activities so that they can enjoy the tourist offer in the Huanchaco beach.

  • Watch the sunset at the Huanchaco pier. This construction that becomes a majestic viewpoint is approximately 110 meters long. Its antiquity is more than 100 years and it is one of the centers that collects artistic and culinary expressions.
  • Surf all day. If it is your first time, you must take at least one surf lesson. You will find schools that will teach you the techniques and provide you with the equipment you need to connect with the sea.
  • Sail on the Caballitos de Totora. These handmade boats that are still used for artisanal fishing are tourist attractions. Visitors can rent them to paddle close to shore. They can even be used to run waves like in surfing.
  • Visit the Colonial Church of Huanchaco. If you are an admirer of colonial art, this will be one of the places that you will love. Inside there are religious pieces of the time that accompany the image of the Virgen del Socorro. They are one of the most visited spaces during Holy Week in Trujillo.


What to eat in Trujillo?

Being close to the sea, marine preparations are the ones that star in restaurant menus. The catch of the day is used every day. Read some recommendations to try the best of local gastronomy:

  • Trujillo ceviche. The story goes that this was one of the favorite stews of the Chimúes, who cooked the fish with tumbo. The flavor will be unique thanks to the local lemon that is used, which is admired in the world.
  • Fried Trujillo. This typical dish is cooked with bacon or pork ribs that are marinated with chicha de jora, garlic, mirasol chili and panca. It is accompanied with cassava and a tasty criolla sauce.
  • The shambar. This is Trujillo's flagship dish, and according to tradition, it should be eaten on Mondays. It is the meeting of flavors of different stews with pork skin, ham and some herbs. It has a large amount of nutrients and energy.
  • Theologian soup. Its origin is in the colonial preparations that were made in the old convents of northern Peru. It is based on chicken and beef broth, soaked bread, potato, milk and cheese. For Holy Week it is the main dish of this festivity.

When to visit Huanchaco?

Huanchaco offers a temperate climate year-round, but is much sunnier from December to March.


If you travel with your family, it is best to go during the week when it is quiet.


On weekends, Huanchaco's restaurants and bars are very lively.


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