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La Calera Hot Springs

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La Calera Hot Springs

This complex located 3 kilometers from Chivay has five swimming pools (three indoors and one outdoor) with waters between 32° and 40°, with relaxing and beneficial properties for the body.


The water in these pools originates at the top of the Cotallumi volcano at a temperature of 80°. To make it suitable for human use, its temperature is reduced to an average of 38°, taking advantage of its calcium, zinc and iron content, which is favorable for reducing bone, muscle and skin discomfort.


The surroundings of the complex have beautiful views from the top of the mountain. It also has an on-site museum, where you can see pieces found in different archaeological excavations that were carried out in the Colca Canyon. La Calera owes its name to the lime mines that abound nearby.


What to do in the hot springs of La Calera?

Relax in its five pools. With different sizes and temperatures, the different pools of La Calera allow visitors to take comforting baths in their pleasant thermal and mineral waters.


Visit the museum. Next to the hot springs property there is a small museum where elements found in archaeological excavations carried out in the Colca Valley are displayed.


Cross the suspension bridge. This beautiful and rustic bridge allows you to cross to the other side of the Colca River.


Tour Chivay. It is the closest town to the hot springs. There you can appreciate the way of life of the wititis, local inhabitants of Colca, who express their culture with traditional dances, crafts and native foods. You will also see its church and buildings from the time of the Spanish foundation.


Admire the imposing Colca Canyon. There are numerous viewpoints from where you can observe the majestic landscapes of the area and the flight of the condors.


How to get to the hot springs of La Calera?

To get to the La Calera hot springs, the first thing to do is go to Chivay, the closest town to the complex. For this you have to go along the route to Yura 34A, then take the 1, which leads to the 109, which is the one that goes to Chivay. The duration of this trip is around 3 hours.


If you want to go by bus you have to do it from the Arequipa land terminal. Tickets to Chivay cost between 10 and 15 soles, depending on the transportation company.


Another possibility to get there is to do it with a tourist company. Visits to La Calera usually include it in some of the tours to the Colca Canyon, where they offer to go take a bath in these waters at the end of the tour.


The hot springs complex is located 3 kilometers from Chivay. You can walk from there in a journey of approximately one hour. The cost of the taxi trip is 5 soles and one sole by bus. If you go with a tour you should not worry, since the company will take care of the transportation.



Entrance ticket. The price is between 5 and 15 Peruvian soles per person, depending on the number of pools you wish to access.

Schedule. Open every day from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is recommended to visit it in the mornings to better appreciate the landscapes that Colca offers.

What to bring? It is recommended that you bring a swimsuit, clothes to change into after bathing, sunscreen, a cap or hat, sunglasses, cash, and towels.

Services offered. The place has parking, a cafeteria, food sales, a craft store and toilets.

Accommodation. The complex does not have sleeping accommodation, so if you want to spend the night you must do so in a lodging in Chivay, the closest town.


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Due to the distance of the land from the nearby town, as well as the natural nature of the area, it is recommended that visits to the waterfall begin at dawn and conclude at 4 in the afternoon at the latest, when the weather is still clear. day.


As the terrain announces, visiting this waterfall is a good reason to bring a camera, trekking shoes, and all the desire to enjoy a unique experience in one of the many, almost virgin, settings of San Martín, and From Peru.

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