The Canyon of the Lost, encounter with the desert
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The Canyon of the Lost, encounter with the desert

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The Canyon of the Lost, encounter with the desert

The department of Ica is mainly known for being the place where the famous Huacachina desert is located, where you can practice sandboarding and visit a true oasis, as well as the most important vineyards in the country. But this region also has another movie set: the Canyon of the Lost. This landscape, between 20 and 30 million years old, is divided into four levels with different attractions: the mouth of the Ica River, the gorge, the face of the puma, the fish eye, the snail plaza... The trek through the Canyon of the Lost is a true marvel.


If you want to visit Ica and its beautiful tourist places, you have to take a tour of the Lost Canyon! This natural attraction is currently little explored despite having great potential as a tourist heritage.


This is one of the most “instagrammable” spots you can find in Ica, Peru. You must meet him!


Why is it called the Canyon of the Lost?

This name was granted after an expedition carried out by the then mayor Pablo Alvites together with a number of residents and the local journalist Maycol Herrera. When this group was heading to the place they got lost, getting lost for a couple of hours. At the end of the journey, the press man made the decision to title his report as Canyon of the Lost, and that is how this tourist spot in Ica was baptized, as detailed in a RedBus publication.



This natural attraction has 4 levels where you can see formations that have been preserved for millions of years. You will appreciate a wide vegetation surrounded by herons and it is the mouth with the Ica River.


Already for the second level you will be able to see the Face of the Puma and the Eye of the Fish, a kind of stagnant water well, caused by rains and by the subsoil water. This transforms into a fairly sharp and sharp image on the sand.


On the outside is the throat or gorge. Due to its unstable floor, travelers are asked to be very careful when making the tour. In the same setting you will find the Plaza Caracol, a rocky structure with a natural roof.


Canyon of the Lost


How to get to the Canyon of the Lost?

The Lost Canyon is located 70 kilometers southeast of Ica. First of all, you will have to get to the district of Santiago, from where the walk to this canyon begins. In addition, in Ica you will find different agencies that offer tours with which you can get to know this destination in an easier and more comfortable way.


It is located 69 km southwest of the city of Ica (3 hours by car or 2 in a 4x4 truck). Take the South Pan-American Highway (Ica - Palpa) until km 339, entrance to Callango (Ocucaje district) and then 50 km of trail.


If you are planning your trip to see this amazing scenery, you must take into account that the only way to get to Ica is by bus or private car. This is the approximate time of the tour, according to iPerú, Information and Tourist Assistance.

  • Lima-Chincha: 200 km / 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Lima-Pisco: 227 km / 3 hours
  • Lima-Nasca: 445 km / 6 hours
  • Ayacucho-Ica: 388 km / 7 hours
  • Arequipa-Ica: 706 km / 11 h 30 min
  • Cusco-Nasca: 660 km / 14 hours

It is believed that it was part of the ocean and the fossil remains found around it validate that theory. It has specific flora and fauna, among which buzzards, vermin, lizards and arachnids stand out, while at the mouth of the Ica River you can see some minor marine animals and herons. There is also vegetation such as huarangos and palm trees. It is recommended to contract the tour with certified travel agencies.


In travel agencies you can find complete tours that take you to this destination from 100 soles. Take advantage of the promotions and go with all the security measures to avoid infections.



Tours are usually taken by authorized agencies that include a trekking circuit. These services have a price that ranges between S/.150 soles, which include transportation costs, guidance and snacks.


The recommended minimum age to take the tour in the Cañón de los Perdidos is 14 to 16 years old, due to the demands of the walk.


Canyon of the lost Peru


What implements to bring for the tour?

  • Water.
  • A bag for waste so as not to pollute the environment.
  • Light clothing.
  • Cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.


  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages inside the canyon.
  • Do not enter the interior of the canyon with the vehicles.
  • Do not drive anywhere, since fossil remains are found and the tires can damage them.
  • Do not go alone, since no one could help you in an emergency.

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