Zoology Museum of the National Agrarian University of the Jungle
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Zoology Museum of the National Agrarian University of the Jungle

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Zoology Museum of the National Agrarian University of the Jungle

The National Agrarian University of the Jungle - UNAS - has a Zoology Museum that allows its students to study and complement their theoretical knowledge about the most well-known animal species of the jungle region. It is one of the most valued cultural tourist attractions in the area, among the species that are exhibited are mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, and arthropods and countless insects, among which the beautiful butterflies of the region stand out.


It also allows national and foreign tourists and the local public to learn about the most important characteristics of species never seen directly by them, delighting in the wonderful charms that nature has lavished on certain animals.


This Museum is considered as one of the exhibition type since the taxidermized and cataloged specimens can be observed directly by the visitors, however; there are a number of duplicate species reserved strictly for study by researchers.


What is the Zoology Museum of the National Agrarian University of the Jungle?

Lovers of the world of zoology will be able to enjoy a truly spectacular visit, because inside the museum collections of different animals and insects are offered, especially those found in this area of ​​Peru, in order to learn more about the local fauna, which is what visitors are looking for to learn more from this point of view.


A large number of exotic animals and species are offered, allowing visitors to see insects they have never seen before, as well as a collection of local fish, incredible reptiles, birds, amphibians and mammals. For those looking for information related to Amazonian fauna, this is undoubtedly a good museum to enjoy with the entire collection of stuffed animals found in this place, which is divided into different sections.


Hours of the Zoology Museum of the National Agrarian University of the Jungle

The museum can be visited throughout the year from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. to enjoy the different collections that are offered to visitors.


What can you see here?

The museum that belongs to the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources of the National Agrarian University of the Jungle, exhibits a collection of species of tropical fauna, among which are mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish and various insects. This museum allows the study of animals by university students, who complement their knowledge of Amazonian fauna.


An animal collection museum

This place is a faithful copy of all the fauna that can be found in Tingo María and its surroundings. The environment is on one floor and to get here you must climb some stairs to a second level where everything is full of stuffed animals. .

In these environments one can find monkeys, spiders, birds, mammals, including the remains of some fetuses, including those of a human being.


Animals that are in danger of extinction

There are many of these animals that are in danger of extinction, so it is important to be able to come and collaborate with the scientific initiative that this public museum has.


Let's collaborate!

I also have to mention that there you will find a small drawer next to your stairs where you can collaborate with coins for the maintenance of the museum, there you will always be able to find at least two or three people who are in charge of taking care of this place and that can give you a general explanation so that later you can go through each of its environments.


Strange things

I couldn't count exactly how many specimens we can find here, but I'm sure there are thousands of thousands, from small insects to large mammals, as well as some cases that are a bit complex to understand, for example, I'll tell you that one of the things that caught my attention was when I came to see on a door frame the two heads of a little animal that died as soon as it came into the world due to having that two-headed evil in a single body, this was the most impressive thing I could see in the museum.


If you are interested in the subject of biology and you are not afraid to see a good number of insects and animals, then this place is for you, I could not tell you the exact number of specimens that you can find here despite being only one room. with too many very, very interesting pieces.


Beautiful Butterflies

One thing that I really liked was the amount of stuffed butterflies that were here, they were of different colors and sizes, all of them are covered by a glass wall so that they cannot be touched, but if it is allowed to take photographs, for that reason I advise you come with the camera and the battery well charged!


Overcome your fear to Spiders

Next to each little animal you will find a small description with its name and also its scientific name, this place is not only a museum within the university but it is also a meeting point for searching for information on all the fauna that is located in the jungle of our Peru.


If you are afraid of spiders or tarantulas, here you will also find a section where you can find more than one arachnid, so come psychologically prepared!


Finally, you can also find birds of different sizes that are as if they were about to start their flight.



Although this place is a single environment, it has many stuffed creatures that will make us value all the wealth that we have in Peru. On the other hand, I advise you to come to the museum since it is small but powerful! the time to go through it will not be more than half an hour or perhaps more if you stop to see each of the pieces that are in its facilities.


A 100% recommendable experience


I hope that this information can be useful for you when you come to know this interesting point within the city of Tingo María, a city that is located in the central jungle and that has many interesting things to know and enjoy.


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