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tips to trekking Rainbow Mountain

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tips to trekking Rainbow Mountain

The 7 colors mountain (Vinicunca) is one of the majestic places on the way to the Apu Ausangate. It's named one of the places you need to go before die by the National Geographic. The Rainbow Mountain, “Vinicunca” or Ausangate is heights 6384 meters of altitude what makes it the 5th highest of Peru. It’s located on the Pitumarca district, providence of Canchis, region of Cusco, in the south of Peru at 6.372 AMSL.


How can I reach the Rainbow Mountain?

You need to take a bus from Cusco to Pitumarca (it lasts 3 hours approx.). After that you need to go to the Ocefina Town (Chillca) and this is the start point to reach the vinicunca. You need to walk 4 hours to reach Machuraccay Town from where you can finally descend to the Apu Vinicunca. From this part of the trek you can appreciate the Valley’s beauty like little lakes, streams, etc.


Why is it colorful?

The colors of the mountain are due to its mineral composition: The pink color is because of the red clay, mud and sand. The white color is because of the white quartz sandstone. The brownish-gray, brown and purple color because of the limonite and marls (rich in calcium carbonate).


The climate in the 7 colors mountain.

The Peruvian Andes Mountains usually produce its own climate. The Rainbow Mountain is located 5,000 AMSL so the climate changes can happen at any moment.


The trek to the Rainbow Mountain is difficult?

Depending on the descend path, the trek has sections with high degrees of difficulty so it’s recommendable to have a good physical condition. The locals offers their horses for rent and the prices go from 30 to 80 soles (10 to 25US$) and this will depend on the time you want to travel by horse. On the other hand you could find other basic but helpful services.


How can I reach the Rainbow Mountain?

The way to get to this majestic place allows you to delight your eyes with beautiful landscapes. You also get to know beautiful birds and native animals. Coming up next we give you some advices to reach the Rainbow Mountain without any problems: You need to take a 3 hour trip to reach Chilca, place where you start a 3 hour trek (4 km ½ approx.) until you get to the Rainbow Mountain. You also can avoid the trek by hiring a particular car or a tour.  



To travel to the Rainbow Mountain you need to get prepared physically because you’ll accomplish a long trek. Don’t forget to carry out the following things: 

  •  A lot of water.
  •  Camera. 
  •  Appropriate footwear.
  •  Sunscreen. 
  •  Get acclimatized before the trek.

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The #RainbowMountain or " #Vinicunca " is a majestic location and a nature’s gift. It is situated near the #AusangateMountain in #Cusco Region, #Peru. It is one of the places that still has not been discovered by travelers. The #Rainbow Mountain has been explored by local Andean people only.

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