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Mountain lovers will enjoy bird's-eye view of the beautiful landscapes offered by Peruvian nature thanks to the hanging huts called Skylodge Peru. The three capsules, anchored to the rock, allow you to enjoy privileged views while trying to sleep while suspended in the air. Its three modules are suspended 400 meters high, and its transparent walls allow you to enjoy the landscape of the well-known "Sacred Valley of the Incas." The world of tourism does not stop generating activities for those who enjoy extreme experiences. From bridges at high altitudes to exotic hotels located in the most remote places, are some of the possibilities that travelers can enjoy while traveling the world. In these opportunities the Skylodge Adventure Suites Peru takes one of the most innovative proposals for those who love mountaineering and high altitudes.  Are you ready to know everything of this Hotel Skylodge Peru?


Where is the Skylodge Peru?

The Skylodge Peru is located in Cusco, 20 minutes from Urubamba, On 224 Km in the route Urubamba - Ollantaytambo. Made of aero-spatial aluminum and high-strength polycarbonate, the three suites or "Vertical Housing Modules" were created by the tourism and mountaineering company Natura Vive. The capacity is 12 people per night and Skylodge service includes transportation, guides, equipment, gourmet dinner and breakfast, paying from US $ 440.

How to get?

Undoubtedly one of the most entertaining attractions of this place is that before you get to the room, you are already immersed in the adventure. To arrive, the first option you have is via via ferrata, climbing between the mountains by this route made for people without experience in climbing and with total security. The other way to get there, which is a bit more extreme, is flying through the skies in zipline. There are seven sections of between 150 and 700 meters each until you reach the entrance to the room. Sounds great!! true?


How are the modules?

Skylodge Adventure Suites Peru: With 7.5 meters long and 2.6 meters high and wide, each module has 4 beds, a dining room and a private bathroom. In the camp module there are six windows and four ventilation ducts in the module that ensures an adequate atmosphere where the lighting is totally ecological and has 4 lamps inside the module and each module has a private bathroom. Inside this, you will find a toilet or dry toilet, a potty and a hand washer. Each module has a private bathroom, divided from the rest of the module with the help of a sound-insulating wall. Inside this, you will find a toilet or dry bath, and a hand washer; taking advantage of a wonderful view through a dome of 1.8 meters in diameter. The only exit is the hatch located at the top, the lighting is ecological and the curtains can be closed in case you want more privacy with the condors (although there will be no neighbors other than some birds).

The facilities within each module, allow to provide a service of total comfort and convenience. Beds, pillows, down comforters and sheets of excellent quality will ensure a warm and pleasant night at 400 meters high.

Do you want a night at Skylodge?


Why Skylodge Adventure?

The 5 reasons why your trip to Nature Live in the Urubamba Valley will be unforgettable. The Zip Line, Via Ferrata, Skylodge Adventure Suites and other activities will be a unique experience that you should live.Now why Skylodge Adventure?
  • It is in the Urubamba Valley, also Sacred Valley where you have thousands of world-class tourist options such as Machu Picchu. A getaway is this place is a good choice.
  • It is a company of young Peruvian entrepreneurs with which you contribute to local economic development.
  • You can do the via ferrata to climb a mountain with a cliff over 100 meters high.
  • Since it has cost you so much to climb, you will not hurry to go down. You can sleep in the Skylodge Adventure Suites and you will fly asleep.
  • You have several ways to descend but since we are in the environment I recommend that you do it by zip line



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