San Jeronimo de Surco: get to know the paradise of waterfalls
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San Jeronimo de Surco: get to know the paradise of waterfalls

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San Jeronimo de Surco: get to know the paradise of waterfalls

The district of San Jerónimo de Surco, province of Huarochirí, is located just three hours from Lima and has impressive landscapes, rivers, mountains and waterfalls. The latter being the favorites of travelers and trekking lovers.


Almost three hours from Lima, in the district of San Jerónimo de Surco, province of Huarochirí, is one of the most attractive trekking routes. It begins at km 63 of the Central Highway, in the Songos hamlet (the cost of entering the hamlet is S/3).


This district is characterized by having a dry climate and sun throughout the year. Their lands are very productive for fruits, flowers, potatoes, corn, and others. In this district, there are three waterfalls and some slides with a waterfall that are highly visited.


Huanano Waterfall

It is the most accessible waterfall because it is a short trekking route. On the way you come across the archaeological remains of Huanano, there are several stone buildings in the form of caves and passageways.


To get there, the walk begins in San Jerónimo de Surco and lasts approximately 30 minutes. It only has a small climb of approx. 150 meters of unevenness. The path is signposted and there are toilets in front of the waterfall. Take a change of clothes in case you want to cool off in the waterfall.


Palacala Waterfall

To get to the Palacala waterfall, you must walk approximately 5 km in about 3 hours. The first part is a zig zag climb, and then through a very beautiful countryside full of flowers. Wear good shoes with grip and water to cool off. The falls have an approximate height of 12 meters.


Mortar Waterfall

Considered one of the most beautiful for its size and for the suspension bridge in front of the waterfall, where you have the best view, ideal for taking photos. It is less visited than the other falls, because the route is a little longer and because it is further away from San Jerónimo de Surco.


The path begins at the red bridge (puente habich), km 69 of the central highway. There are almost 6 km of travel that take 3 to 4 hours on foot, depending on the pace of walking.


Cuchimachay Waterfall

This walk is quite demanding and is recommended for people with good physical condition, because despite being relatively short, in several sections it is quite rugged and steep.


Getting to Cuchimachay will take you a little over 1 hour through a fairly improvised route. The path disappears many times and if it weren't for the arrows painted at some points one could easily get lost. However, the beauty of the place makes it all worth it.


Finally, upon arrival you can see an impressive waterfall 50 meters high.


Songos slides

To get to the Songos Slides, you must climb small waterfalls until you reach the stone slides. It is very important to go in a group that has a minimum team of ropes to climb between the waterfalls.


How to get?

To get there from Lima, you must take the Central Highway. Leave very early because there is usually a lot of traffic. At kilometer 66 (before crossing the Surco bridge) we find a short detour that takes us to our destination. In total there are approximately 2 and a half hours of travel.


Let's not forget that during our visit, we can visit the main square of San Jerónimo de Surco, where its famous and old communal tower stands out.


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