Prepping for the Inca Trail
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Prepping for the Inca Trail

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Prepping for the Inca Trail

It is not very difficult for most people with good physical condition to complete the Inca Trail, but since the Inca Trail involves consumption for several hours, it is always good to be prepared and in good physical condition before doing this great adventure. There is also an alternative route that offers that is partly done by bicycle. But either way, you prepare by physically preparing before you make the road. Also, remember that there are a limited number of people who can start on the trail per day.Here you will learn all about the famous Inca trail. Ready? To start our blog, we will tell you some tips or interesting data of Inca Trail and finally we will give you a list of recommendations before your adventure.


You must go with a guide...

The days of setting off on the Inca Trail on your own, along with free for all rowdiness and litter, ended years ago. You must use a licensed tour operator, one accredited by the Unidad de Gestion Santuario Historico de Machu Picchu, the organization that oversees the trail and limits the number of hikers to 500 per day, including guides and porters. Travelers who want to make this trip must necessarily hire the services of a Travel Agency and be accompanied by guides that are authorized by the Regional Directorate of Culture of Cusco, our agency has the necessary authorizations and we can make the Inca Trail tours without inconvenience. The walks are done in groups, there you can meet people of other nationalities and of different ages. Maximum 40 people are allowed in a group, of which 16 must be Travelers, Tourists and / or hikers, 2 guides at least and the others are support staff such as porters, cooks, etc. who make this great adventure possible

When to go?

The climate varies according to the months some with presence of rains, sunny days, cloudy days, cold nights; then we detail the Inca Trail Climate per month:  

  • In the months of January and March the rains are persistent mostly at night, the days are cloudy but there are nice and sunny days, if we have good luck. In the month of April, the rainy season ends little by little, and the days become warmer and more pleasant, with sporadic rains. 
  • Between May and October, the climate is warm and cool, with little rain, sunny days and quite bright. 
  • The months of June, July, August and September are undoubtedly the best months to complete the Inca Trail, during the day it is clear and you can clearly observe the landscapes, the days are fresher, however, the nights are cold in the high areas. 
  • During November and December, it is the time when the rainy season begins, the days are sunny, but at any moment it can rain, as well as, there are cloudy days without rain. 

It should be noted that in the month of February, it is impossible to reserve the Inca Trail, given that the Ministry of Culture closes the road during this month, to maintain and improve the route.Now it is only your decision, to decide in which month to carry out the Inca Trail, and to enjoy your adventure, among the ancestral mountains, which were witnesses of the greatness of the Inca Empire.

Getting Ready!

Some people will tell you the Inca Trail is Moderate difficulty, but it can be rough going, especially the first couple of days. You must be in shape. The trail is often narrow and considered by some travelers as a challenge. Here some tips before your Inca Trail Hiking:
  • Perform pre-preparation walks: A couple of months before the adventure, you can go out to do short walks near your home and each time add the distance and difficulty of the exercise. Monitor your heart rate and breathing. With that, the parents of their legs and lungs face each other to face the challenge of the Inca Trail. Do not forget to warm up before the exercise and a cooling at the end, also on each day of the walk. 
  • Acclimation: it is important, many people who come to Machu Picchu live in low-altitude cities and can get to feel altitude sickness during the trip. That's why we recommend you stay in a higher city, such as Cusco, at least one day before the walk so that your body gets used to altitude, climate and oxygen levels.
  • Staying hydrated is crucial: The water during the previous training and the Inca Trail is fundamental. You will use approximately 2 liters of water on the first day so you should buy it in advance. During your workout, hydrate before, during and after exercise. Try to drink drinks that help you recover both water and minerals that your body loses in sweat.   
  • Do not overload your backpack: The walk lasts 4 days and your back has to resist. Avoid carrying too many things in your travel backpack.Please remember, no matter how many days you are going to walk, the truth is that you will pass from one altitude to another and this implies that the weather will change; for this the most convenient thing will be to wear comfortable clothing and in small quantity. 
  • Use the same mountain boots: that you will use for the trek to Machu Picchu. This will make it easier to walk, and many times new shoes or boots can be uncomfortable when you start using them. If possible, practice hiking that has the same difficulty as the Inca Trail. Practice and physical exercise are important. 
  • The most important muscles: you will use all the path your legs, so it would be good to walk, run, and among other leg exercises. Try to walk uphill or climb stairs, because the Inca Trail is steep. Additionally, walk for long periods of time without having to stop, since the Inca Trail lasts 6 or 7 hours per day one day. 
  • Other exercises: also help, but we insist that the legs are the key to travel the Inca Trail. Also, avoid unhealthy foods and smoking before doing the Inca Trail. This will make it easier not only to walk, but also to adapt to the altitude. Last but not least, rest for some time to get used to the altitude when you arrive in Cusco.

Interesting Info:

Alternative hike to the Inca Trail

We recommend to book in advance. If the Inca Trail is sold out, we can recommend the alternative hike to the Inca Trail. There are the best alternative hike to Machu Picchu, the name is Salkantay Trek, Inca Quarry or Lares Trek



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