Palomino Islands, to swim with sea lions
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Palomino Islands, to swim with sea lions

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Palomino Islands, to swim with sea lions

A destination that connects us with nature and just one hour from Lima are the Palomino Islands. A must-see that is located in the constitutional province of Callao with a varied offer that disconnects the visitor from day to day to enjoy an experience that they will not forget.


The visitor can visit this set of islets also known as Cavinzas Islands and Palomino Islets in various yacht services that are located in the emblematic Chalaco pier and that invites us to meet or swim with the sea lions, take a walk on the high seas and tour El Frontón with all the mystery and stories it contains.


The Islands Nature Reserve invites us to a wide range of trips that range from two to four hours long, with the respective life jacket and all biosafety measures.


Marine species

Barely 15 minutes away, we already see San Lorenzo Island, considered the largest in Callao, where the so-called Casa del Presidente is located, a unique building that was the place chosen to enjoy the vacations of the Peruvian President with his family.


While we remain amazed and recreate the stories that were lived in that summer house, we arrive at El Frontón Island or also known as Isla del Muerto.


It is known that it functioned as a political prison during the colonial era and the beginning of the republic. Among its prisoners, the Viceroy Blasco Núñez Vela is registered to later become a penitentiary center for common criminals.


Being able to appreciate the presence of various marine species, however, has its drawbacks. Thus, 40 minutes on the high seas were necessary to be able to observe the first marine species that are the attraction of Isla Cavinzas. Little by little, the Humboldt penguins warn visitors and make an appearance as if they were posing on the rocky areas.


Famous Islands

However, the presence of penguins is unique, not in vain Fiorella Álvarez, Sernanp park ranger, warns us that in this Reserve only between six and ten Humboldt penguins can be found at most, so it is important to be aware of respect to the species. 


A few meters away we finally spotted the famous Palomino Islands. The sea lions welcome us and seem to be the perfect hosts who give an effusive welcome to locals and strangers. In the midst of the various figures that border on the acrobatics, they offer an unforgettable show that emanates tenderness and allows the tour guides to explain the importance and respect that we must keep in these protected areas.


These islets formed by portions of rocks are the perfect home for more than five thousand sea lions that live in cordial coexistence in this reserve. While some rested and it seems that they take eternal sun, others enjoy the swaying of the waves.


For visitors, this scenario is perfect to enjoy and develop the main attraction that this destination offers; swimming with the sea lions. Despite the sun's rays that timidly appear at this time of year, it is necessary, given the low temperatures of the sea, to wear the appropriate clothing to dive in and interact with these noble animals.


Armed with life jackets, very necessary due to the depth of the sea and the currents, it is an incredible experience to be able to feel the presence of the wolves, caress them and capture this magical moment through photographs or video. An invaluable memory of our passage through the sea of ​​Callao, just one hour from Lima. Without a doubt, a more than recommended destination that adults and children should experience.


Attentive to preservation 

The Cavinzas Islands and Palomino Islets sector are part of the Guaneras Systems, Islands, Islets and Points Natural Area, an area protected by the Peruvian State that includes 22 islands, islets and groups of islands, in addition to 11 points along the Peruvian coast. from Piura to Tacna.


The Palomino Islets are made up of four islets, which are covered with guano, used as fertilizer, a source of wealth for Peru in the 19th century.


“The importance of the Palomino Island focuses clearly on the preservation of guano and the more than 5,000 sea lions, while the Cavinzas Islands preserve the Humboldt penguins”, details Fiorella Álvarez, Sernanp park ranger.


Álvarez points out that Peru is a country blessed by its marine fauna, since sea lions are only found in three Latin American countries: Peru, Chile and Argentina.


If you decide to visit this destination, do not forget to visit the Official Facebook page of the National Reserve of Guaneras Islands, Islets and Points, where you will be provided with the contact of the seven current and formal tourism operators, who will make your way for this region, a memorable memory.


Take into account 

The visit to the Cavinzas Islands and Palomino islets takes place from 08:00 to 16:30. To enter the islands, it is necessary to hire the services of tour operators authorized by the Sernanp that comply with strict biosecurity protocols against the covid-19 pandemic.


The cost of admission to this protected natural area is 11 soles for adults and 5 soles for children under 16 years of age. The cost of the maritime transport service will depend on the type of vessel: catamaran, slider or yacht provided by each tour operator.



  • The use of masks is mandatory, bring water, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, windbreaker. Respect the instructions of the guide and/or park ranger and the signs.
  • The use of a life jacket is mandatory, avoid making loud noises, avoid touching or feeding the sea lions. Do not throw waste into the sea and deposit it in suitable places once on land.

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