Pacasmayo, the colonial resort in the north that you should know
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Pacasmayo, the colonial resort in the north that you should know

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Pacasmayo, the colonial resort in the north that you should know

The Pacasmayo spa is a dream come true. With cold waters, a Republican pier and surrounded by a delicious gastronomic offer and old mansions, this spa is one of the most visited destinations for all those who want to rest from routine.


Below, we show you everything you can find and do in this famous spa founded in 1775.


Pacasmayo, a northern paradise

The Pacasmayo resort is made up of several beaches surrounded by beautiful Republican-style architecture. Likewise, you can find a wide variety of restaurants that offer dishes made with fresh fish and seafood of the day.


This spa was founded in 1775 by the Spanish conquistadors. These turned Pacasmayo into one of the most important landing sites of the Spanish Crown. However, it was not until the construction of the dock and railway that Pacasmayo became a great economic hub for the town. Already in 1958, when the Cementos Pacasmayo company was built, the development expanded to the entire city.


Currently, this spa is famous for its pier and its old mansions that were built at the end of the 19th century. Its great tourist attractions include the House of Culture that operates in the old railway station and the Christ the Redeemer viewpoint.


Likewise, Pacasmayo is well known and valued among those who are passionate about doing water sports. Thus, many lovers of surfing, stand up paddle, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing and boat rides come to this place. El Faro beach, specifically, is the favorite place to carry out these activities because it is known that there is the longest navigable wave in the world.


The data

If you want to go to Pacasmayo to do any of these sports, we recommend going between the months of May and October, which are ideal to take advantage of the best waves.


A boardwalk with history

This Republican-style boardwalk honors the hero Miguel Grau, who is said to have frequently visited these beaches. The construction of the boardwalk was carried out in the second decade of the 20th century.


Walking along this boardwalk allows you to have a beautiful view of the Republican mansions, in addition to enjoying fruit cremoladas and taking home some beautiful handmade souvenirs.


How to get to Pacasmayo?

Pacasmayo is located 100 km from the city of Trujillo. If you want to know the tourist attractions of the City of Eternal Spring, you can first take various bus companies, among which are Turismo Dias, Transportes Cromotex and Línea, which leave from the city of Lima. You can find tickets from 50 soles.


There are also bus routes that go straight from Lima to this city. Among the bus companies that take you there are Turismo Titanic and Civa with tickets from 50 soles leaving from Lima.


What to do in the Province of Pacasmayo?


Try their delicious seafood dishes

Pacasmayo is highly recognized and acclaimed for its dishes made with fish and seafood. We recommend you try the seafood and palabritas ceviche, which is accompanied by yucca, sweet potato and corn. Other gastronomic delights that you should also try are fish sudado, shambar, a soup of Trujillo origin, and seafood chilcano.


Visit Puémape beach

This beach is known for being crescent-shaped and 5 km long. Its water is usually cold and greenish blue, with smooth sand perfect for lying down and resting.


If in pre-Columbian times Puémape beach was widely visited by fishermen of the Mochica culture, now it is very popular with anyone who wants to practice water sports. Likewise, many people come to this beach to stay and camp.


Just as the Pacasmayo resort has its popular dishes, so does Puémape beach. The octopus ceviche, the sole sudado and the burst crab are the delicacies of the house.


Viewpoint of the Risen Christ

Located in the Pacasmayo resort, this viewpoint has the best panoramic view of the bay. With an extension of 5.5 km, the Mirador del Cristo Resucitado has become the favorite place to enjoy the sunsets.


El Cañoncillo Forest

This forest is located in the district of San Pedro de Lloc, just 12 minutes from Pacasmayo and two hours from Trujillo. There you can practice all kinds of adventure sports and at the same time enjoy nature. Thus, sandboarding, climbing and motocross are the favorite activities of visitors.


It is also surrounded by dunes and dry carob forests that can measure up to 8 meters in height. The lagoons, likewise, are great natural attractions that you should visit as soon as you arrive at El Cañoncillo Forest. The 3 lagoons that you should visit are Gallinazo, Larga and Cañoncillo. In these you can observe the beautiful nature that surrounds them as well as the 62 species that this natural space houses.


Two-headed hill

If you were looking for an archaeological attraction with a lot of history, the Province of Pacasmayo also has archaeological centers that will leave you speechless due to their size and relevance in pre-Columbian cultures.


This tourist attraction is located 2 km. from the town of Jequetepeque on the way to the Boca del Río Spa.


Jequetepeque is located 15 minutes from Pacasmayo Spa and 2 hours from the city of Trujillo.


The Two-Headed Hill is considered Cultural Heritage of the Nation, as it is a legacy of the pre-Columbian Moche culture. This society used the hill as a sacred temple to worship the Moon, who protected all the Moche settlers. This adobe structure is the largest in the entire valley and one of the largest in all of South America.



In Jequetepeque you can also find the Pakatnamú citadel, one of the most important archaeological jewels in the region. Under the meaning of common father, this citadel was an important space for the Moche and Chimú cultures, which settled in these coastal lands between the 3rd and 15th centuries AD. However, it was the Moche settlers who mainly made use of this land, using it as an administrative, political and military center.


With a land area of 92 hectares, Paktnamú is comprised of 50 pyramids with a rectangular base, which could be accessed through ramps and stairs. The tallest pyramid is 20 meters high and its base is 60 meters long on each side. Without a doubt, it is a monumental building.


In addition to this set of pyramids, there are also housing complexes, squares, warehouses and cemeteries. All of this separated by three large walls in the south and north.


The Pacasmayo Spa is one of the most beautiful places to find a weekend full of relaxation and good humor. Around this spa, you can also find a wide range of activities that will fill you with energy. From water sports to touring archaeological citadels, Pacasmayo is undoubtedly a destination that we all have to visit.


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Going to the San Juan Bautista Waterfall allows you to walk along trails where you can observe the beautiful charm of the Peruvian jungle, scenarios where the flora and fauna seem immersed in a universe foreign to the modern world, and where the only intervention of man is It is manifested in rudimentary bridges that allow communication between the scenarios.


Due to the distance of the land from the nearby town, as well as the natural nature of the area, it is recommended that visits to the waterfall begin at dawn and conclude at 4 in the afternoon at the latest, when the weather is still clear. day.


As the terrain announces, visiting this waterfall is a good reason to bring a camera, trekking shoes, and all the desire to enjoy a unique experience in one of the many, almost virgin, settings of San Martín, and From Peru.

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