Laguna de Moron, the other oasis of Ica
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Laguna de Moron, the other oasis of Ica

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Laguna de Moron, the other oasis of Ica

Those who think that the only oasis that could be found in Peru was the Huacachina lagoon, they are wrong, there is another one less known but just as beautiful, the Morón lagoon, a natural oasis located in the town of Bernales in Humay, approximately 20 kilometers to the east of Pisco.


The lagoon of blue-green waters awaits hidden in the middle of large dunes to be discovered. It is reached after a journey on foot of approximately one hour, or by jeep, the road runs between some cotton plantations, a pond and the desert dunes until it reaches this pond in the middle of nowhere.


Visitors can take a bath, and even though it's hot, the water stays cold. It is 300 meters long by 150 meters wide, and the maximum depth is eight meters in the center, while on the shores it is a maximum of one and a half meters.


There are no beach bars, no shops, just a few small cane huts that serve to protect themselves from the sun, and they want to keep it that way, intact, without many tourists, and to preserve the environment there is a watchman.


The lagoon is fed by groundwater that comes from the upper parts of the Humay district, it is clean and there are even fish.


This little paradise is an excellent place to relax, sunbathe, swim, kayak, walk on the dunes, and also where to go sandboarding. But the best are the sunsets when the sun dyes the soft sands of the desert orange.

The legend

They say that the name of this oasis is due to a bandit with the surname Morón, who stole from the rich landowners of the place and then gave it to the most needy. Although he was persecuted, he managed to escape using the vegetation that surrounds this lagoon. He was the Robin Hood of the desert who always managed to hide from his pursuers.


They also say that the ghost of the bandit appears riding a horse through the hills surrounding the lagoon, because in that area he hid part of the money he stole. Nobody dares to look for it just in case.


Moron lagoon Huacachina

How to get to Oasis Morón?

The route begins in the province of Pisco (Ica). The bus ticket from Lima costs about 15 soles, while the travel time is 4 hours on average. If your bus makes a stop in San Clemente, you should get off there.


Otherwise, the bus can leave you in the center of the city of Pisco, from where you can take a colectivo (which will not charge you more than 10 soles) to San Clemente. In this district, go to the entrance to the Libertadores highway, which goes in the direction of the city of Ayacucho. Don't forget to refuel by buying something for breakfast, lunch, dinner or save for later, depending on your arrival time.


Once on the road, you will see many combis pass by that will charge you one sol until you reach a detour that goes to the town of Bernales. That is your second stop, because that is where the route that takes you to Laguna Morón begins. To get there, you can choose to take a walk, or you can take an all-terrain vehicle to the small lagoon of "La Poza". From there it is mandatory to go on foot. Some agencies rent ATVs as a fun way to get to this point.


#The data

  • It is convenient to buy food and drinks in San Clemente. In the town of Bernales there are few shops and only one restaurant. Take your precautions, since the walk there and back, plus your stay in the tourist place can be extensive.
  • In the dunes that surround Morón you can do sandboarding, an excellent easy sport to practice. If you requested the services of a tourist agency, they will provide you with the sand board, accessories and necessary recommendations to slide from the top of the dunes. It will be an unforgettable experience full of adrenaline.
  • This is one of the most beautiful hiking trails on the coast of Peru, with nothing to envy to the well-known walks with Andean landscapes. The journey takes place in the middle of farms of yellow corn, cotton and other products. These farms are also surrounded by desert landscapes, made up of dunes and mirages everywhere. It lasts approximately 1 hour and a half, although it depends on the speed of the passage.

For example, in the middle of the route there is a small lagoon known as "la poza", where you can cool off in case the heat is very strong. The children of the town of Bernales usually go there to bathe or take a dip, since it is one of the few sources of natural fun they have. This small lagoon is surrounded by large grasslands.


Moron lagoon Huacachina


A walk in the middle of the dunes

When the path surrounded by farms ends, the tour begins only through the desert dunes. One of the ways to guide yourself on the path is to follow the posts and signs that indicate the route of the gas pipeline pipes. This comes from Cusco to provide gas to the port of Pisco. However, in the last kilometers of the route there are no signs, so we recommend that you hire the services of a tour guide.


A few minutes before arriving you will see signs that will welcome you to Laguna Morón. In addition, there will be a booth with a security guard authorized by the Municipality of Pisco, who keeps track of the people who visit the place. He will be able to give you other information about the oasis and tips for the road.


Now that you have arrived at this paradise in the middle of the desert, enjoy the landscape and its waters. It is allowed to bathe and swim in them. It will serve to refresh you from the heat, since, despite the sunny weather, the water remains cold. We recommend you to step hard on the ground; the floor in the lagoon is full of algae and you could slip.


Laguna Morón, an attractive little crowded

Despite the beauty of the landscapes, the dunes and the tranquility of the place, this oasis is very little known by tourists. Therefore, it can represent the perfect trip for you if you are looking to relax, adventure and have a good time with your loved ones in a place where there are not many people.


Morón is located very close to the Pisco River. On the shore you will see many cattail plants up to two meters high. This place is the main habitat of many species of animals, such as cardinals, turtles, ducks, coots, among others. In the dunes you will also see some curious insects and the occasional lizard. All these species are completely harmless, but do not get too close to them out of respect for their habitats.


Laguna Morón extends 300 meters long and 150 meters wide. Its maximum depth (at the center) is 8 meters, while on the shores it is 1.5 meters maximum. The sand of the dunes mixes with the remains of coral reefs in the surroundings. This combination generates as a result a whitish landscape on the sides of the totorales.


Its waters, bluish-green in color, are fed by an underground current that comes from the upper parts of the Humay district. Other species of birds that you can observe are herons, hummingbirds, red thrush, red-headed buzzards, among others. You can also see some species of fish, such as carp and tilapia.


If you visit in the afternoon, you can wait until the sun goes down to appreciate the beautiful twilight. You will be able to admire it in all its fullness from the top of the dunes and, in addition, you will have the beautiful Paracas Peninsula as a background.



Bring light clothing such as shorts, a polo shirt, a sun hat, and a change of clothes or a swimsuit if you wish to dive into the lagoon.

The trekking route to reach it is not complicated, but if you do not have much physical resistance, it is best to use special hiking shoes, canes and other implements. Of course, do not forget to bring plenty of liquid since, as we mentioned, the heat is strong.


What is the best time to visit Laguna Morón?

The seasons in Morón are the same as in Lima. From December to March the heat is at its best. If you make your journey in these months, try to bring sunscreen. The rest of the months you will experience strong winds in the desert, especially in the early hours of the morning. It is best that you wear a coat to protect yourself from these strong breezes.


Activities to promote tourism in the area

The Municipality of Humay began a few years ago to organize activities for the residents of Bernales and visitors. The goal is always to promote tourism in the area and give the oasis notoriety. Therefore, various activities were carried out. These include: danceable yunzas, recreational and sports competitions, gastronomic festivals, and several others.

According to the corresponding authorities, these activities take place on the last Sunday of the month of March, every year. Therefore, at this time, tourist activity increases. Over time, the access roads, the signage on part of the path and the security for tourists have been improved thanks to the coordination with the National Police of Peru (PNP).


Tourist Attractions in Pisco

After this adventure you can take a walk in the city of Pisco. Be sure to go through the Plaza de Armas. This brings together the main hotels and restaurants in the area. Here you will find some samples of the best gastronomy of the region. You will also appreciate the architecture of the city. If you want something more natural, go to the sector called “Pisco Playa”. There you will find the boardwalk, viewpoints and very striking spas.


Tourist attractions in Pisco


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