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New Year Peru

New Year Peru: the beginning of a new year. New plans, good intentions and new promises are usually made, with the intention of correcting everything that we consider negative or changing our strategy in everything that caused us problems. For each culture in the world, the beginning of a new year has a particular and distinct but at the same time similar implication, and each of them receives the year in different ways. Each country has its own traditions to celebrate the end of the year. As is logical, in Peru we also have our corresponding superstitions, cabals and rituals to dismiss the old year and that the coming year comes loaded with much hope.


In Peru, on the night of December 31, many people attend a party, others receive it at home. After the exquisite New Year's Eve dinner, the radio and television count down. When it is midnight, everyone embraces and expresses good wishes. All this takes place in an atmosphere of great rejoicing while offering a champagne, wine, pisco sour, etc. Music, fireworks, firecrackers and rockets accompany this celebration. Unlike Christmas dinner, New Year's dinner is very varied. There are large banquets where the favorite dishes are turkey, baked pork, salads and rice.


New Year traditions:

The grapes are eaten during the countdown, there are twelve grapes that, as a Kabbalistic ritual, are eaten one after the other while a wish is made with each of them (twelve wishes). The grapes must be six green and six purple. The most popular tradition is the use of yellow underwear, which attracts good energy. It is better to take it upside down until midnight and after it change it to the right.

Another popular tradition is the burning of the dolls that represent New Year's Eve. They are made with clothes, wood, cardboard and paper. They are burned at midnight, symbolizing the disappearance of negative energy and the bad luck that was experienced in the old year that ends and the transition to a better year. Some usually put a poster with the name of a character, which has been controversial, related to the political or sports field. The fire produced by this burning is used for burning fireworks. Due to the fact that in recent years some people have begun to burn tires and organic and inorganic waste pollutants, the municipalities sanction those people who perform these actions that harm the environment and the health of the population. Despite this regulation, many people continue with tradition.

Other popular customs:

  • Going around the block with an empty suitcase, if what you want is to go on a trip next year.
  • Change of clothing to strengthen the relationship with the couple.
  • Receive the year with a bundle of tickets in your hand, or inside the shoes, to attract economic prosperity.
  • Pour rice under the door frame of the room as an omen of an upcoming wedding.
  • Wear white clothes, to ward off diseases.
  • Have a lit candle to receive the new year, to ensure peace and harmony in the home. The candle must be on until it is completely consumed.
  • To have economic prosperity, some people wash their hands, at midnight, with champagne and sugar.
  • Take a bath of essences to purify the soul.
Most of the young people gather as a group to continue enjoying the night. Meanwhile, adults stay at home enjoying a toast, music, dancing and conversation.

Where to spend the New Year in Peru:

New Year on the beach:
Since it is summer in Peru during the holidays, people go straight to the beaches. The most popular beaches are south of Lima: Punta Hermosa, Asia, Pulpos, Punta Negras, San Bartolo and El Silencio. These beach towns are relatively safe and some places like Asia are luxurious and turn into small cities for only four months of the year. As a rule, any site south of kilometer 41 on the Panamerican south.Another option is the north of Paracas, a good place to spend the New Year if you do not want to go that far from Lima. If you prefer to spend the New Year outside of the capital, you could also go to one of the beaches in Mancora or Punta Sal in northern Peru. A completely different option would be to spend it in Cusco. Christmas and New Year in Punta Sal, Peru


New Year in Cusco:

Cusco is by far the city of craziest parties in Peru and in the New Year it is no exception. People from all regions meet at the Main Square for the New Year count. Thousands of people go to Square to see the large number of artificial games that take place every year and after the bars, the clubs are full until the morning of the next day.

New Year in the Sacred Valley:
If you are in the Sacred Valley on the first of January, you can participate in the "Sinkuy" celebration that takes place in the beautiful central square of Ollantaytambo, where a game similar to bowling is held. Traditionally the mayor and his wife throw the first ball. People from all regions gather in costumes, bringing chicha, meats and bread shaped like animals.

This time of the year is always special, but if you are lucky to be in Peru, these parties can be the most remembered. Peru is the perfect mix of Andean and Christian traditions when it comes to Christmas and if you have the opportunity to spend with a Peruvian, we are sure that you will have a great time.

Best places to visit during New Year:

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