Tourist places in Juliaca
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Tourist places in Juliaca

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Tourist places in Juliaca

Juliaca is the capital of the province of San Román, located in the province of Puno, at an altitude of more than 3,800 meters. It is called the “land of the wind” because there are strong winds most of the year, and this is mainly because the city is located on high ground. Juliaca is also considered the "business capital of Puno."


Where is Juliaca?

Juliaca, also known as the "City of the Winds", is located in the Peruvian highlands, in the Puno Region, near the imposing Lake Titicaca, the largest natural jewel in Peru. Its vast Andean landscapes, full of endless plains, make it an unmissable destination for all lovers of natural tourism.


Best tourist places in Juliaca

Merced Church

It is located in Bolognesi Square, the construction dates back to 1889, where its bell tower stands out, while wooden pieces can be seen inside.


Bolognesi Square

The beautiful Bolognesi square is worth visiting as it is an ideal place to hang out and relax.


Appreciating the beautiful place of this beautiful square will leave you with many memories, so do not hesitate to visit it.


Santa Catalina Church

Located in the main square of Juliaca, this church is undoubtedly one of the places to receive several tourists, because in addition to being built in the baroque architectural style, you can also see various works of art.


Plaza Melgar

Plaza Melgar is an important public village in the center of Juliaca, where most of the town's work is carried out.


This situation occurs mainly every Sunday, when Plaza Melgar de Juliaca is the location of a very busy local market, there are vendors who intend to sell you products, which can have various uses. If there is something you are happy with, don't be afraid to discuss the cost.


Amantani Island

It is part of the group of islands found in Lake Titicaca, and is located in the area of ​​the same name, in the Puno region. You can find the terrace system established by groups such as Pukara and Lupaka in Pre-Hispanic times, as well as the strong Inca culture.


Waynarroque Viewpoint

It is a hill or hill, it is located in the Juliaca District, San Román Province, Puno Region, Peru. It is a platform built at the base of the effigy of the white Christ, where a large part of the city of Juliaca can be seen.


Chacas Lagoon

The closed lagoon, surrounded by enormous hills, such as the legendary "Iquinito", is the highest in the area. Slender, with an average area of ​​06.2 square kilometers.


Mainly composed of periods of native and migratory birds, these periods blend harmoniously with the tranquility of the water, make the landscape picturesque and unique, thus arousing the admiration of locals and strangers, and inspiring the noblest inspiration of humanity.


When to visit Juliaca?

Visiting Juliaca can be a magical experience at any time of the year. However, consider that the driest months, between May and November, are optimal to explore its corners without worrying about rain.


What is the weather like in Juliaca?

The climate in Juliaca is frigid and dry, with temperatures that are usually between -3 and 20 degrees Celsius. The coldest months are June and July.


What is the gastronomy like in Juliaca?

The gastronomy in Juliaca is typical of the Andean region. You can try dishes such as fried trout from Lake Titicaca, cuy chactado, llunca con gallina and papa a la huancaína.


What transportation is used to get around Juliaca?

To get around Juliaca you can use taxis, vans or buses. There is also the option of renting a car if you prefer to have greater freedom of movement.


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