Inca Trail vs Lares Trail: The Best Hikes in the Cusco
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Inca Trail vs Lares Trail: The Best Hikes in the Cusco

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Inca Trail vs Lares Trail: The Best Hikes in the Cusco

It is hard to compare them because they both share similarities, and at the same time, some contrasting features. Both include several kilometers of hiking up and down mountains. Of course, one is more “famous” and the other rewards the trekker with a more intimate feel.


Inca Trail

It was part of the great network road of Inca roads of more than 23,000 kilometers that integrated the state of Tawantinsuyo. These roads led the merchants of the Inca period to ceremonial precincts and to the Incan army of the Tawantinsuyo. We also have the flora and fauna of the area. The beginning of this adventure starts at the pass control of Piscacucho (also known as Km. 82) which is 3 hours away by bus from the city of Cusco. Nowadays, the network is not retained in its entirety, however, it’s still possible to travel around 42 kilometers from Cusco Town to Machu Picchu.

Inca Trail vs Lares Trek


Lares Trek

It is a hike that lasts two or three days in Cusco, Peru starting nearby the town of Lares, approximately 64 kilometers north of Cusco and 56 kilometers east of Machu Picchu. It is placed on the mountain range of Urupampa (on the east) crossing part of Sacred Valley. To start this trek you need to take a 5-hour trip by bus or van from the town. The Lares trek route crosses typical zones from the mountains of Peru.

Inca Trail and Lares Trek


What trek should I do?

Here are the comparisons between them.

  • There are more people who have done the Inca Trail than those who have done the other trek and they tend to talk about how impressive this trek is.
  • Both are in the high Andes.
  • Lares has MUCH LESS tourist influx than the Inca Trail and you go through a couple of very traditional villages.
  • Lares has breathtaking views of lakes and some beautiful waterfalls.
  • Lares does not count with a lot of ruins – whereas the other trek does count.
  • Both end in Machu Picchu.
  • The Lares trek is 33 km (20.5 miles) and the Inca Trail 44 km (27 miles).
  • We can say that the Inca is tougher due to its climbs (steeps) and theirs descends.
  • The Inca last three full days + two hours and the Lares one last 48 hours.
No matter which one you choose. You will not regret it, we can promise that.
Lares vs Inca Trail

The best treks to Lares and Inca Trail



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