The 10 best tourist places to visit in Huaral
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The 10 best tourist places to visit in Huaral

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The 10 best tourist places to visit in Huaral

If you are in Lima and want to take a weekend getaway or take a family outing, Huaral is the perfect place. Just 80 km north of the capital, this province, with a temperate climate all year round, is home to interesting historical and natural attractions, such as the Huando ex-hacienda, which gives its name to the famous Huando or seedless oranges, and Chancay Castle, with striking terraces, patios and towers combined with modern restaurants and interesting museums.


Beautiful and fertile valley where the Chancay culture took place. In its surroundings there are various attractions such as the impressive Rúpac archaeological complex.


Where is Huaral?

The province of Huaral is located north of Lima. In particular, the homonymous city that is its capital is located about 75 kilometers from the center of the capital.


How to get to Huaral from Lima?

To get to Huaral from Lima, you must take the Panamericana Norte highway. You can get to this town with an interprovincial bus or in private mobility. In the latter case, the trip can take about two hours.


Weather in Huaral

Huaral has mild temperatures during the summer (December to March), while the dry periods are from April to December. The temperature reaches maximums of 28 °C in February and minimums of 16 °C in August.


10 tourist places in Huaral

Check below our list with the 10 best places in Huaral to spend an unforgettable trip:


Santa Rosa Wetlands

The Santa Rosa wetlands are located in the district of Chancay, an ecosystem of 40 hectares that is ideal for fans of contemplating wildlife, since it is home to hundreds of species of birds, as well as various specimens of vascular flora. It is an important corner to be in contact with nature.

Chancay Castle

Also in Chancay is this monumental rock and concrete castle, built on a cliff in 1924. Its 4,000 square meters of extension offer history, themed tours, swimming pools, towers, tunnels, incredible views of the sea, restaurants, and even accommodation and meeting rooms. reception.


Chancay castle HuaralChancay castle


Huando Farm House

4 km from Huaral we can appreciate this old and beautiful hacienda, which in the 60s experienced its greatest splendor and fame for the production of Huando oranges. The chapel, with its marble lions, and the 200-year-old ficus trees are among its most attractive corners.


Chacra Beach and Sea

In the lower part of the Pasamayo serpentine you can visit Chacra y Mar, a wide and quiet beach surrounded by spectacular cliffs, where you can practice all kinds of activities or relax. Nearby is the Eco Truly Park, a self-sustaining ecological community of Hare Krishna believers.



Known as the 'Machu Picchu of Lima', the Rúpac citadel is located in the Atavillos Bajo district, on a mountain 3,500 meters high. This pre-Inca site has 51 stone buildings, some of which are over 10 meters high. Its most spectacular monument is perhaps the Marca Kullpi castle.


San Salvador de Pampas

On the way to Rúpac you can find San Salvador de Pampas, a town known as the 'ghost town' because it was left empty when its inhabitants moved to a nearby area. The houses are standing, but abandoned. On weekends it is reactivated and receives tourists.


Collpa thermal baths

The community of Santa Catalina is home to this country corner with thermal-medicinal water pools between 35 °C and 40 °C, which help combat stress and other ailments. They contain minerals such as lithium, sodium and magnesium. Nearby you will also find restaurants and lodging.


Rio Seco Beach

Río Seco beach is another of the best places that the Huaral coast offers for a day of sun and relaxation. It is equipped with numerous kiosks and even houses the remains of an old guano shipping port, from before the Pacific War.


Temple of the Shicras

Discovered in 2006, the imposing archaeological complex of Las Shicras in the Chancay valley dates back about 4,800 years, making it contemporary with Caral, and was occupied for about eight centuries. The place was the scene of religious rituals, according to the researchers.

Temple of the ShicrasTemple of the Shicras



This district located on the border with Lima has a lot to offer. The sand dunes in San Graciano are perfect for practicing adventure activities such as sandboarding and tubular carts. Likewise, there are the hills of San Juan de Aucallama, where the amancaes flourish, the birds sing and the vizcachas hide.


Other Tourist Places that you can meet in Huaral.

  • San Salvador de Pampas
  • Marcakullpi Castle
  • Huaral Main Square
  • Casonal Beach
  • Aucallama
  • Huaral Archaeological Museum

Tour in Huaral

There are several companies that offer transportation to Huaral Chancay followed by a tour of the place. These offer plans such as full day Huaral or from 2 to 4 days, and their prices vary from 100 to 1,200 soles, going through popular places, offering lodging, guides and other services.


How to get to Huaral from Lima by Bus?

Huaral is located north of Lima around 81 km, which would be a 1 hour drive. The territory of Huaral begins at kilometer 58 of the Panamericana Norte.


How to get there by Public Transport?

How to go to Huaral from Lima by public transport? Throughout the post I will leave you information regarding the tickets to travel to Huaral


In the terminals of Plaza Norte and Rímac you can take the buses in the direction of Huaral


How long is it from Lima to Huaral?

The travel time is approximately 2 hours by bus with a distance of 90 kilometers.


How much is the ticket to go to Huaral?

The cost of the ticket is 8 soles by bus and 14 soles by minivan, the bus leaves you exactly in the center of Huaral.



For times with high temperatures and clear skies it is recommended to wear light and cool clothing in the environment, in turn it is always advisable to take care of the skin from the sun's rays.


On the coldest days in winter it is advisable to wear warm clothes at night because it is the time when the temperatures drop the most.


On the beaches of Huaral it is recommended by the same authorities to take tents to have a good camping experience in its sands and always have first aid kits on hand in case of an incident along with lightly loaded luggage.


Best Tours in Peru

Many are the routes that take you to Machu Picchu, but none is like the Inca Trail Tours, the most famous pedestrian path in the Americas. After flying from the capital of Perú, Lima, you will arrive in Cusco to walk for four days along a path through forests and dense fog, millenary stone steps and discovering the ruins of ancient fortifications and Inca cities, and all the time enjoying majestic views.

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