Visit the Valley of the Geysers of Candarave in Tacna
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Visit the Valley of the Geysers of Candarave in Tacna

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Visit the Valley of the Geysers of Candarave in Tacna

Candarave is the capital of the province of the same name, in the department of Tacna, in southern Peru. This city is located about 6 hours and a half by bus, departing from the city of Tacna. Candarave is considered for its activities, a livestock, agricultural and mining center.


This place has welcoming landscapes and tourist attractions such as the hot geysers, the Queñua forest located on the slopes of the Yucamani volcano and also the cave paintings in Marjani. On the other hand, the municipal viewpoint of Candarave, allows us to have an impressive view of the Yucamani volcano.


The valley in Candarave is formed by a set of geysers; hot springs, of different shapes, sizes and shades of volcanic origin. A natural setting surrounded by volcanoes, Tutupaca (5,816 m a.s.l.) and Yucamani (5,358 m a.s.l.). You can see exuberant waterfalls and 85 points of water outcrops with temperatures that exceed 86°C (186.2°F), thus producing great vaporization. The Candarave Geyser Valley is one of the most surprising natural destinations in Peru.



The Candarave Geysers are located 167 kilometers away in the Sierra de Tacna, in the province of Candarave, on the border with Puno. It is located within the Vilacota-Maure Regional Conservation Area.





The Valley of the Geysers of Candarave is located at 4300 meters above sea level, the climate of this area is intensely cold.


What are geysers?

The geysers are deposits of thermal water whose exit of the water is given in the manner of an eruption of a volcano that expels the waters with a permanent periodicity. Geysers are rare phenomena since their formation requires certain hydrogeological conditions that only occur in some parts of the planet. They are areas where volcanic activity has occurred in the past and where the presence of rocks subjected to high temperatures by the magma from inside the Earth coincides.


There are two types of geysers: fountain geysers, which explode violently and in series in pools of water; and those of cone, which expel a continuous stream of water for a few seconds or minutes through a small mound, similar to volcanic eruptions

  • Origin and formation of geysers
    The geysers were formed due to the combination of specific geological factors, and their origin is also related to the volcanic activity in the area. So groundwater seeps are heated by volcanic magma beneath the surface, and as this hot water accumulates and pressurizes, it is expelled through fissures in the earth's surface, giving rise to the impressive geysers.

  • Geographical features of the valley
    The Valley of the Geysers is located in the Tacna region, in southern Peru, it is a valley of volcanic origin and is characterized by its arid and rocky terrain. Likewise, the valley is surrounded by mountains and hills, as well as hot springs, thermal pools and fumaroles in the valley.

  • Tourist experience in the valley
    The tourist experience in this fascinating place is exciting and enriching, since visitors can explore the geysers up close and witness their spectacular eruptions. There are also trails that allow you to explore the valley and enjoy the surroundings.


What to do in the Candarave valley of geysers?

Apart from doing ecological tourism, you can also do cycling, ecotourism, adventure, experiential and rural tourism. On the way to the Candarave Geysers you will be able to contemplate beautiful landscapes, such as: oregano, prickly pear and olive valleys.

In this area you will also find the Devil's Throat or lagoons such as Vilacota, Taccata, Ñeque, Camiri and Paucarani.

You can see one of the most emblematic religious buildings of the place, such as: The Parish of San Juan Bautista.

There are two natural hot springs of 37°C and 40°C, which are used as thermal baths. Its waters are famous because they help in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism. Admission is free.

  • Activities and attractions
    The Valley of the Candarave Geysers in Tacna offers a variety of activities and attractions to enjoy, so tourists and visitors can delight in the impressive geysers; What's more, the valley has various hiking routes that allow you to explore and get to know its charming places. Likewise, the valley is a paradise for those who like photography, as this area offers a wide variety of natural landscapes with spectacular views that are perfect for capturing unique moments.

  • Hiking trails in the valley
    The Valley of the Geysers of Candarave offers a certain number of hiking routes that allow you to fully explore and enjoy this beautiful place, these routes vary in difficulty and duration, and are surrounded by impressive natural landscapes. Some of the most popular routes include walks around the geysers and hikes to panoramic viewpoints where you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding area.

  • Photography and natural landscapes
    This Valley is a good place to appreciate the natural landscapes it offers and also to take some good photographs, since its beautiful and diverse settings offer endless opportunities to capture impressive images. They can also capture the grandeur of the mountains and the serenity of the rivers that wind through the valley.

How to get to the Candarave valley of geysers?

To get to the Vilacota-Maure Regional Conservation Area, it is better to hire the services of a tourism operating agency from the city of Tacna, the journey takes 4 hours. This is a mandatory destination for those who visit this region of southern Peru.


Tours from the City of Tacna to the Valley of the Geysers: From 210 soles per person.


Recommendations and tips for visiting the Valley of the Geysers

When visiting the Valley of the Geysers in Tacna, it is important to follow some recommendations and advice, to begin with, it is recommended to wear warm clothing, since the temperature can be low due to the altitude, so it is also advisable to wear appropriate footwear for walking through uneven terrain; What's more, it is recommended to bring sunscreen and insect repellent to protect yourself from environmental conditions. Some other options may be:

  • Wear warm clothing (jacket, gloves, cap or chullo, thick socks, warm pants), with the constant changes in temperature.
  • Apply sunscreen every 2 hours at least.
  • Get a good night's sleep the day before, as the tour starts very early.
  • Hydrate yourself, take small sips of water during the journey.
  • Bring snacks, whether they are nuts or energy bars that will help give you strength along the way.

Candarave Peru


Recommended time to visit the valley

The best time to visit the Candarave Geyser Valley is during the winter months, from May to September, since, during this season, the temperatures are milder, rains and storms that can make access to the valley difficult are avoided.


Precautions and safety measures

When visiting the Valley of the Candarave Geysers in Tacna, it is important to take certain precautions and safety measures, among them it is recommended to inform yourself about the state of the roads and weather conditions before going, since the route may be affected by rain. or landslides. Likewise, it is essential to respect the barriers and safety signs in the area, as well as avoid getting too close to the geysers to avoid accidents.


Recommendations for caring for the environment

During the visit to the Valley of the Candarave Geysers in Tacna, it is important to adopt measures to care for the environment, so it is recommended not to leave garbage or waste in the area, carrying a bag to collect the waste and then dispose of it properly in an authorized place. It is also advisable not to damage the flora and fauna of the valley, avoiding uprooting plants, disturbing animals or leaving marks on the landscape (it is important to respect the fragility of this ecosystem and contribute to its conservation).


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