5 activities you can do in the Cordillera Blanca, the highest in the world
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5 activities you can do in the Cordillera Blanca, the highest in the world

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5 activities you can do in the Cordillera Blanca, the highest in the world

It is not enough to be the highest tropical mountain range in the world, to have beautiful glaciers like Huascarán or incredible snow-capped peaks like Alpamayo; Nor is it enough to be revered by climbers from all over the planet, who seek to conquer its summit at any cost, since it is as irresistible as it is imposing.


She wants more. She wants the Cordillera Negra, the rocky giant that is located in front of her. This bride's dream is eternal and unattainable, since she has always been separated by the Huaylas alley. But the Cordillera Blanca is and will continue to be the most beautiful of all. The most desired by its inhabitants and visitors.


The Cordillera Blanca is located in the northern Peruvian Andes, exactly in the Áncash region. This mountain range, approximately 200 km² in size, is considered the longest continental mountain range (it crosses up to seven countries in South America) on the planet.


However, these characteristics are not the most impressive thing that this natural area has: more than a dozen of its snow-capped peaks exceed 6000 m above sea level. n. m., in addition to treasuring in its confines the Huascarán National Park, a natural area protected by the Peruvian Government that is considered a Biosphere Reserve (1977) and Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.


How to get?

Accessing the Cordillera Blanca is not a complicated journey to make. Currently, there are two most used options to reach this magical and enigmatic place, surrounded by nature and the characteristic cold of the Peruvian Andes. The fastest option is to combine a flight from Lima, the capital of Peru, to Huaraz, the capital of Ancash. This section takes approximately 1 hour. From the Huaraz airport to the Huascarán National Park - a starting point to discover the Cordillera Blanca - it takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes by car.


The other alternative is to make the trip from Lima to Huaraz with an interprovincial bus service. Here, it will take you approximately 8 hours, with necessary stops to use basic services, eat or sightsee while passing through the various towns that are on the route.


Once you are at the foot of the great extension that comprises the Cordillera Blanca, all you have to do is enjoy the various natural wonders that are ready for you to discover. There are more than 500 lagoons and 700 glaciers that you can see here! The busiest are lagoons 69, Conococha, Parón, Palcacocha, among others; For its part, the peaks most visited by expert climbers are Huascarán (the highest in Peru, at 6,757 meters), Huantsán, Huandoy, Chopicalqui or Santa Cruz.


5 activities you can do in the Cordillera Blanca

Full of impressive and beautiful natural attractions, the Cordillera Blanca rises imposingly over the Peruvian geography. Located in the Áncash region and with an area that reaches 200 km2, it is the highest mountain range in the central Andes of this country. It is, without a doubt, one of the most visited and famous destinations in all of Peru, due to the countless ecological treasures it houses and the various adventures it has to offer its visitors.


Here you will live all kinds of experiences, such as trekking routes, river canoeing, ascents to snow-capped mountains and mountain biking circuits; always accompanied by beautiful landscapes that intermingle with the greenery of nature, the white of the glaciers, the turquoise of the lagoons and the blue of the sky. Below, we invite you to discover some of the most practiced activities in this wonderful place and that are always enjoyed at all times.


Ascent to Nevado Huascarán

This adventure, which takes place for 5 to 6 days, is one of the most requested by tourists who come to the Cordillera Blanca. With its more than 6,700 meters of altitude, climbing Huascarán - the highest snow-capped mountain in Peru - is one of the most extreme experiences. And reaching the top involves arduous physical preparation and acclimatization only suitable for climbers with proven experience. If you have the privilege of achieving it, you will witness the most incredible natural landscapes surrounded by valleys, glaciers, lagoons and, of course, a lot of snow.


If you are planning to do this trek, consider preparing yourself physically, gathering the necessary equipment and acclimatizing for at least five days in the area so that your body gets used to the lack of oxygen. The journey begins in the town of Musho and continues with a four-hour descent to the first base camp. During the following days, the mountaineers move through three more camps until, finally, they reach the summit.


Trekking to Laguna Parón

It is a 45-minute walk that offers the most spectacular views of the snow-capped Artesonraju (6025 m a.s.l.) and Chacraraju (6112 m a.s.l.), as well as beautiful Andean landscapes and valleys. Although it is not a route as demanding as others, it will test your physical endurance; However, the impressive natural landscape that is observed when you arrive at the lagoon will make you feel that the experience will truly have been worth it.


In any case, keep in mind that the altitude in Parón reaches 4140 m above sea level. n. m., so you must be previously acclimatized. If you are one of those looking for more adventure, you can complete the trip with a boat ride in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon.


Canoeing on Santa River

Another activity that will fill you with adrenaline is canoeing or rafting on the Santa River. Through the mighty riverbed that runs through the Callejón de Huaylas, heading from south to north, and that crosses the towns of Recuay, Huaraz and Caraz, an intense descent is experienced, suitable only for lovers of extreme adventure. Therefore, it is only done in the company of a specialized guide, which is why it is not recommended for those who are just starting out in this sport.


Mountain biking through the mountain range

If you are one of those who enjoys traveling through the most complicated mountainous terrain on a bicycle, the Cordillera Blanca is the ideal destination to live this adventure. There are countless circuits that cross different locations where you can test your skills on all types of surfaces.


It is recommended to carry out this activity accompanied by a guide, as some routes are not properly signposted, which could cause complications for cyclists.


Trekking to Laguna 69

Unlike Parón, this route implies an important physical demand to be able to complete it without major complications. And the time it takes to complete the entire journey - round trip - is approximately 6 to 7 hours. However, despite the considerable distance, the place has become one of the favorite stops for trekking lovers.


Although the journey can be exhausting, every minute of the trip will be remembered forever. And a large part of this adventure means enjoying wonderful settings surrounded by snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, ravines and Andean animals. Remember that the experience is not only about getting to Laguna 69, but also about contemplating at every moment the fascinating natural world that surrounds you.


Best Tours in Peru

Many are the routes that take you to Machu Picchu, but none is like the Inca Trail Tours, the most famous pedestrian path in the Americas. After flying from the capital of Perú, Lima, you will arrive in Cusco to walk for four days along a path through forests and dense fog, millenary stone steps and discovering the ruins of ancient fortifications and Inca cities, and all the time enjoying majestic views.

Going to the San Juan Bautista Waterfall allows you to walk along trails where you can observe the beautiful charm of the Peruvian jungle, scenarios where the flora and fauna seem immersed in a universe foreign to the modern world, and where the only intervention of man is It is manifested in rudimentary bridges that allow communication between the scenarios.


Due to the distance of the land from the nearby town, as well as the natural nature of the area, it is recommended that visits to the waterfall begin at dawn and conclude at 4 in the afternoon at the latest, when the weather is still clear. day.


As the terrain announces, visiting this waterfall is a good reason to bring a camera, trekking shoes, and all the desire to enjoy a unique experience in one of the many, almost virgin, settings of San Martín, and From Peru.

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