7 unmissable tourist places in Chiclayo that you should know
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7 unmissable tourist places in Chiclayo that you should know

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7 unmissable tourist places in Chiclayo that you should know

Art, colonial architecture, beaches, archaeological heritage, delicious gastronomy and more possesses this northern city, which enchants for the warmth of its people.


Chiclayo is one of the most spectacular destinations in northern Peru. Read below to find out our recommendation of the best tourist places in Chiclayo that you should know.


The city of Chiclayo is known as the “City of Friendship”, because of the warmth of its people. This city is located in the province of the same name, in the Lambayeque region; This city is the capital of both the province and the department in which it is located.


Tourist attractions

Historical Center

A visit to the tourist places of Chiclayo would be incomplete without knowing its historic center. With buildings dating back to 1870, such as the Chiclayo Cathedral in the Plaza de Armas, and other more modern constructions such as the Paseo de las Musas, taking a tour of the city of Chiclayo itself is a must.


Huaca Rajada

Also known as Sipán, Huaca Rajada is an archaeological complex that dates back to the year 250. It is famous thanks to the recently discovered tomb of the Lord of Sipán, and Huaca Rajada is an incredible example of the complex funerary system of the Moche culture and the richness of their religious beliefs in the afterlife.


How to get to Huaca Rajada: It is located 35 km east of Chiclayo. You can take a bus at the Epsel terminal in Chiclayo to reach the land of Sipán and Huaca Rajada in approximately 45 minutes. At Denomades we offer the Moche Route tour, which also includes a visit to the Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipán Museum and the Brüning Ethnographic Archaeological Museum.


Pyramids of Túcume

The Túcume Archaeological Complex, also known as Valley of the Pyramids, is famous for being an example where three pre-Hispanic cultures converge: the Sicán, the Chimú and the Inca. It has 26 adobe pyramids, where luxurious palaces full of decorations and artifacts representing myths, rituals and gods were located.


How to get to the Pyramids of Túcume: both from Lambayeque and from Chiclayo and Ferreñafe you will find buses that will take you to what is known as the Valley of the Pyramids for a very affordable price. At Denomades we offer the Sicán Route tour, which includes transportation and guide.


Puerto Eten

For many, one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Peru, Puerto Eten is one of the tourist places in Chiclayo that you should know. Specifically, we recommend visiting Medialuna Beach (in the photo) where you can observe the Pacific Ocean over gigantic cliffs in one of the most spectacular views in all of Peru.


How to get to Puerto Eten: It is located just 25km south of the city of Chiclayo, so you can take a taxi or van from the city center and arrive in approximately 25 minutes.


Laquipampa Wildlife Refuge

It is more than 8 thousand hectares of pure nature. The Laquipampa Wildlife Refuge is home to hundreds of specimens of flora and fauna endemic to the province of Ferreñafe, including the spectacular spectacled bear. Furthermore, Laquipampa is home to one of the wildest species in all of Peru: the jaguarundi puma. If you want more information, we recommend you read our article Laquipampa: nature paradise.


How to get to the Laquipampa Wildlife Refuge: It is located 80 km northeast of the city of Chiclayo, so you can get to this place by public transportation in about three hours. At Denomades we offer the Full Day Laquipampa tour from Chiclayo, where in addition to exploring the famous Peruvian forest of Lambayeque, we will arrive at the Laja Falls to enjoy a few hours of relaxation and fun underwater.


Pómac Forest

The Pómac Forest is a Historical Sanctuary, and the carob tree formation in this place is the densest on the planet. This natural area is very close to the Túcume Pyramids, so in addition to housing numerous species of flora and fauna, a large number of gold objects from the Mochica culture will also be found.


How to get to the Pómac Forest: From Chiclayo you can take a bus or taxi that will take you to Túcume and the Pómac Forest for quite affordable prices. At Denomades we offer the Sicán Route tour, which also visits the Túcume Pyramids and includes shared transportation and an expert guide.


Pimentel Pier

At almost 700 meters long, the Pimentel Pier is recognized as the longest in Peru. Its construction was carried out in 1911 to facilitate the transportation and trade of various products from the area and today you can tour its entire length.


How to get to Pimentel Pier: It is located approximately 11 kilometers from the center of the city of Chiclayo, so it is very easy to get there by public transportation. At Denomades we offer the Beach Circuit tour, which also includes visits to Caleta Santa Rosa, an important fishing area, and Monsefú, a place that stands out for its gastronomy and crafts.


Best Tours in Peru

Many are the routes that take you to Machu Picchu, but none is like the Inca Trail Tours, the most famous pedestrian path in the Americas. After flying from the capital of Perú, Lima, you will arrive in Cusco to walk for four days along a path through forests and dense fog, millenary stone steps and discovering the ruins of ancient fortifications and Inca cities, and all the time enjoying majestic views.


Going to the San Juan Bautista Waterfall allows you to walk along trails where you can observe the beautiful charm of the Peruvian jungle, scenarios where the flora and fauna seem immersed in a universe foreign to the modern world, and where the only intervention of man is It is manifested in rudimentary bridges that allow communication between the scenarios.


Due to the distance of the land from the nearby town, as well as the natural nature of the area, it is recommended that visits to the waterfall begin at dawn and conclude at 4 in the afternoon at the latest, when the weather is still clear. day.


As the terrain announces, visiting this waterfall is a good reason to bring a camera, trekking shoes, and all the desire to enjoy a unique experience in one of the many, almost virgin, settings of San Martín, and From Peru.

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