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Bayoz Waterfall | Tourist places | Junin Tourism

Bayoz Waterfall, in Puerto Yurinaki, is among the most beautiful in the Central Selva and the Junín region. They make up 2 large waterfalls, multiple waterfalls, various natural pools and an impressive landscape full of flora and fauna.


The Bayoz waterfall is made up of a series of beautiful emerald green waterfalls, which form crystalline pools along their route. In each waterfall, pools are formed, not very deep, which allow you to cool off and practice swimming. It is the most visited tourist attraction in the Central Selva and access is through the paved road to Yurinaki, where the unpaved road begins to the falls, which are accessed after a short walk of 10 minutes approx.


In the surroundings of the Bayoz waterfall there are plantations of citrus, coffee, corn, fruits, etc.


You can also see many bushes and trees, including moena, walnut, yungul, palm trees, lianas, epiphytes, ferns, bromeliads, mosses, among others.


Location of the Bayoz Waterfall

The Bayoz Waterfall is located in the minor populated center of Puerto Yurinaki, Perené district, Chanchamayo province and Junín region.


Bayoz Waterfall

The district of Perené, also known as the "City of the Three Plateaus", is located in Chanchamayo, in the central jungle of Peru, within the department of Junín. This town, located 330 km from Lima, is home to native Asháninca communities. It has lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes full of mountains, valleys, lagoons and waterfalls.


Likewise, it has a rugged relief that offers an incredible variety of activities, such as canoeing, canopy, abseiling or trekking. It is an ideal destination for those who enjoy admiring nature and enjoying adventure sports. Its magnificent biodiversity – it has a great variety of mammals and birds; among them, the famous cock of the rocks – makes it the perfect place for lovers of flora and fauna observation.


The magical waterfall of Bayoz

The Bayoz Waterfall is a magnificent waterfall that is born from the waters of the Bayoz River and is located very close to the district of Perené (only 30 kilometers away). This impressive 60-meter-high waterfall is very frequented by travelers who have the central jungle of Peru as their vacation destination. This paradisiacal place also offers surroundings full of greenery and undulating paths that invite you to connect with nature.


Likewise, the waterfall is characterized by its stepped shape that flows into a natural pool that makes it the perfect place to relax in its waters. Visitors can enjoy a delicious swim without the fear of being hit by the waterfall.


The entrance fee to the waterfall is S/2 for adults and S/1 for children. In addition, in the parking lot you will be able to buy handicrafts, souvenirs, food and fruit.


How to get to the Bayoz Waterfall in Perú?

To get to the aforementioned waterfall, you must depart from the smaller town of Puerto Yurinaki along a trail road for 12 minutes by vehicle, if you do not have mobility you must take the transport service of a mototaxi, when you arrive at the Bayoz parking lot you must leave the vehicle and walk slowly towards the top for 15 minutes along a wide path that has corresponding signs, along the way you will see impressive innumerable natural pools, beautiful landscapes, butterflies, flowers, birds and hopefully some animals.


Upon arrival at the Bayoz Waterfall you will see two large waterfalls and a small one on a waterfall-type scale, each fall is approximately 30 meters high and has a natural pool at the foot of the waterfall which is ideal for a refreshing swim, delight the breeze, hydromassages, etc.


In addition, returning to the parking lot, from the same place you can take a path to the lower part that will lead you to the Velo de Novia Waterfall, which we will detail in another article.



Bring water, cookies, insect repellent, sunscreen, swimwear, crocs sandals, slippers and a camera.


Important notes:

  • The entrance fee to the Bayoz Waterfall is S/.2.00 nuevos soles for adults and S/.1.00 nuevos soles for children.
  • If you forgot to buy some necessary things, you can buy it in the shack stores that are on the side of the parking lot.
  • The place has toilets and changing rooms.
  • Parking is completely secure.
  • It is advisable to go with a certified local tour guide.

How is the weather in Bayoz Waterfall in Perú?

This district is characterized by its tropical climate and has an average annual temperature of 23 °C. Usually, this town suffers from constant rainfall even in the driest month, which is usually June. If your trip is planned for the month of February, consider bringing the necessary items such as winter shoes and raincoats, since it is usually the month of the year in which the rains increase in intensity.


The data:

  • July is the best month to visit the Bayoz Waterfall because its waters maintain a cool temperature and, in this way, you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the natural pool for longer.
  • The inhabitants of the Puerto Yurinaki Populated Center are producers of citrus, coffee and bananas. You cannot leave this place without trying any of these products.
  • The Yurinaki canyon has rocky walls that are over 100 meters high, which makes it a favorite place for abseiling fans.

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