South Valley Tour Cusco: Tipon Piquillacta & Andahuaylillas
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South Valley Tour Cusco

South Valley Tour Cusco

There are many interesting towns that have archaeological remains, to the east of the South valley of Cusco we will begin with Tipon and its extensive Inca experimental terraces, with irrigation systems that flow into altars evoked by water. Within the route, we can find the towns of Oropesa, Huaro, and Andahuaylillas. Inside them, we will find colonial churches with wonderful baroque expressions of art. One of the most important churches that were found within this route is the one of Andahuaylillas, better known as the "Sistine Chapel". Another detail of the Valley is that found the Huacarpay Lagoon, full of endemic plant and animal species.


During this brief tour of the lagoon, we will have access to the archaeological park of Piquillacta, one of the three most important cities of the pre-Inca Wari culture. This tour is known for combining beautiful natural landscapes with Inca architecture. It is one of the routes still unknown by many tourists.


The South is a new alternative to visiting Cusco. Travelers can explore the amazing hydraulic architecture in Tipón, the pre-Inca structure of Pikillacta, the beautiful works of art of the Cusquenian School of Andahuaylillas, not forgetting Lucre, Huacarpay, Raqchi, Oropesa the bread capital and other places. You can make this route in a Full day South Valley Tour. This circuit is a discovery for its beauty, and attractions similar to the Sacred Valley.


The tour includes a diversity of towns full of history, natural spaces, religion, architecture and fascinating archeology. If you like nature, typical food, trekking and admiring beautiful architecture. The south offers many new routes. Much of the route, you can make it by acquiring the complete Tourist Ticket of Cusco. South Valley of Cusco is the place known as the other valley, it was a very important place for the development of the Inca Empire; It is the perfect route for people looking to experience archaeological sites and magnificent landscapes, without so much company and in a short period of time. This territory was one of the first inhabited places in the entire Cusco Valley. The first inhabitants of the culture known as Marcavalle populated this place, 1000 years before Christ.

South Valley Itinerary:

08:30 We pick you up from Hotel 

09:00 Driving to South Valley Cusco

10:00 Guided tour of Tipón

10:50 Driving to Pikillacta

11:20 Guided tour of Pikillacta

12:00 Driving to Andahuaylillas

12:20 Guided Tour to Colonial Church of Andahuaylillas

13:00 Return to Cusco

14:30 End of the tour


What to do at South Valley Tour:

  • Visit the Archaeological Center of Tipon, and appreciate the Inca irrigation system.
  • Admire constructions of more than one floor made with small stones in the archaeological park of Pikillacta.
  • Enjoy the gastronomy of the South Valley, delight with Saylla's pork rinds.
  • Buy exquisite flavor breads in the district of Oropesa.
  • Visit Andahuaylillas, here you will find the so-called Sistine Chapel of America, which houses paintings from the Cusco school.

Important Info:



  • The climate is very similar to the city of Cusco, but with warmer temperatures due to the lower altitude.
  • Rainy season (December - March)
  • Dry season (April - November)


  • Tipón: 3,498 meters above sea level
  • Piquillacta: 3,205 meters above sea level
  • Andahuaylillas: 3,121 meters above sea level

Interesting Info:



For this Full day South Valley Tour , Tipón and Andahuaylillas from Cusco, we will pick you up from your hotel at 08:30 hrs to have a guided tour in the southern valley where you can visit the following places: Valle Sur Cusco

  • Tipón: A large impressive cultivation area containing 12 terraces that are currently cultivated, whose walls were built with finely carved stones. Even more impressive is the irrigation system that is still serving agriculture and the advantage is the water intake in the spring season.
  • Pikillaqta: Presents characteristics of a large urban center corresponding to the time of development of the Wari Empire with more than a thousand constructions between squares, Pikillacta Cusco colcas (food deposits), courts or houses, temples, long and narrow streets with buildings that had up to 4 high floors.
  • Andahuaylillas: Typical Andean village of the time of the colony of singular origin and architecture. Andahuaylillas stands out its Catholic temple from the colonial era with a beautiful decoration and mural painting of the seventeenth and eighteenth century known as the Sistine Chapel of Cusco. Upon return we will enjoy the delicious pork rinds (optional). We will be returning to the city of Cusco at approximately 14:30 hrs.


South Valley Tour Includes:

  • Pick up from your hotel 
  • Tourist transportation, 
  • Professional bilingual Tour Guide

Not Included:

  • Tourist Ticket for the South Valley tour Cusco
  • Entrance Ticket to the Andahuaylillas Church: 15 PEN or U$5,
  • Meals,
  • Tips to local staff.

Please bring with you:

  • Small backpack
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera


  • Wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a jacket for rain or cold 
  • Drink coca tea or lemon or coconut candies for dizziness or altitude sickness (soroche) 
  • If you have a prescribed prescription, always have it with you for emergencies. 
  • Cusco has a somewhat cool climate although very changeable, although the rains may be unexpected, the months of June to July are the best, without the presence of much rain and cold.  
  • Wait us at your Hotel punctually (the point of departure) that we will indicate after your reservation 
  • Recommended age from 5 years 
  • Book at least 2 days before


A day in the South Valley of Cusco

It is possible that people without a lot of available time overlook the South Valley, but if you are already on your way to Machu Picchu and have an extra day in Cusco, make the day trip to the South Valley in Cusco. There are few people and several wonderful places to visit. It is one of the ways to enter the heart of Peruvian culture.


Visit the Tipon complex.

  • The Tipon complex will show you a set of terraces and water channels that are believed to have been used by the Incas as a ceremonial center to worship the liquid element. The current city of Tipon has several vendors next to the main road, especially on weekends, when all the restaurants open their doors so you can taste one of the favorite dishes here, cuy baked wood (guinea pig oven).

The pre-Inca ruins of Piquillacta.

  • This is different from the previous site, it is a pre-Inca city. This adobe complex was built by the Wari culture, which at one time dominated the central and coastal regions of Peru. It is considered the first culture that made use of the terraces (agricultural terraces) superimposed; In addition, many of the administrative practices of the Incas were adopted from the Wari civilization.

Finally visit the "Sistine Chapel of the Americas"

  • The church of the town of Andahuaylillas is known as the "Sistine Chapel of the Americas". It is situated in a beautiful and quiet square. The works of art inside have made this baroque church famous. It has beautiful paintings made by the school of religious art of Cusco (Cusquenian School).




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