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Cachicata trail is one of the ancient quarries used by pre Inca and Inca civilizations to build the vast settlement of Ollantaytambo. It was a source of large quantities of pink granite. Cachicata's relics of stonemasons are located 12kms from Ollantaytambo. The view of Ollantaytambo from the quarries is spectacular and during the trek one can see many large stones that never made the long journey down to the village. It was also a trade route for the Incas. Cachicata is a tiny, remote village that can benefit from the occasional visitor in the simplest ways.


The Cachicata Trek is a great alternative to the famed Inca Trail hike. The Cachiccata Trail was built by the Incas and used for hundreds of years to access local communities and transport goods. This trail is not as well known as the classic Inca Trail, so expect far fewer crowds and a more serene Peru trekking experience. This hiking adventure not only visits Peru's cultural past, but also explores modern Incan communities and customs. The trail takes us through secluded waterfalls, ancient terraces and exotic wildlife, all the while delivering fantastic views of the Sacred Valley and Peru's commanding snow-capped mountains. Visit local families and explore the active quarry.


Every step brings a new look into Inca culture.


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