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Salkantay Trek difficulty depends on your level of fitness. You should be well prepared and healthy prior to starting the trek.You have to be moderately fit to complete this hike.


The altitude of this mountain is higher (6,271 MAMSL) than others mountains in Cusco - Peru. 

The highest point of the trek is at 4,600 – 4,800 meters (15,100 – 15,700 ft.). Each person reacts in different ways but in general we feel the effects of elevation when we reach 10,000 – 11,000ft.

The key to deal with altitude sickness is to spend 2 or 3 days before in Cusco so you get acclimatized. The first, third and fourth day is moderate trek, you will walk up and down.

The second day of the trek will be the longest and hardest (18 km/11 miles). The coldest night will be the first night at 0° Celsius.

Salkantay Treks

How difficult is Salkantay Trek? 


To reach it you need to make a trek through Andean Mountains and plains at more than 4000 meters above sea level. This trek has a medium – medium high difficulty due to the high altitude and the length. People of all ages make this trek every day. Are you ready for this trek?

The difficulty of the trek: 


It has a medium – medium high difficulty and it last about 5 days on an average pace. This trek requires a good physical condition. The route includes slightly steep climbs and plains ascending progressively. 

The start point is the Mollepata area at 2900 MAMSL/9514 feet. The final point, Machu Picchu it is located at 2040 MAMSL/6692 feet. Throughout the trek there are uphill and other downhill areas. There are no risk factors so this trek is very safe because there are signs to signal all the way. 

If you require assistance or rest, do not hesitate to leave the road to sit for a moment and enjoy the scenery and the fresh air of the Andes. The cold is moderate depending on the season but we recommend you bring a coat. 


Recommendations to enjoy the tour to the Salkantay Trek: 


  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses: The dry season runs from March to November and is accompanied by a radiant sun so it’s necessary to protect properly. 
  • Hydrate properly: Bring a bottle of water or rehydration drinks for your trip. 
  • Do not make much effort: If necessary use a walking stick or take the additional horse service. 
  • Bring snacks with you: There are not places to buy food so it is good to have some snacks to replenish energy and overcome any difficulty. 
  • Take the necessary: Protect your back. Bring the necessary thing for this trek so you avoid problems. 
  • Do not give up: The difficulty of the route becomes easy if you spent the time taking pictures, talking with other people and paying attention to the details. 

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