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Amazon Rainforest

The Peruvian part of the Amazon Rainforest covers 60% of the country, and, after Brazil, it has its 2nd largest part. Amazon boasts the most extensive biodiversity worldwide and is well-known as the Lungs of the Planet.


The Peruvian Amazon is divided into two sections: the southern and the northern. The southern is centered around the city of Puerto Maldonado which is dubbed the Capital of Biodiversity. From here you can take trips along the Madre de Dios River to Monkey Island, Lake Sandoval, or the Tambopata National Reserve. To the east of the city, you can find the most remarkable part of the southern Peruvian jungle: the Manu National Park.


Manu has pristine rainforest, a vast number of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, butterflies, and insects, ... an enormous diversity of birds, over 1,000 different species, making it the absolute best place for bird watching! There are also huge numbers of endemic, rare, and endangered species of animals and plants. It is a perfect place to observe wildlife, for instance, the Giant river otters, the Cock-of-the-rock (a national bird of Peru), tapirs, 6 species of macaws, 13 species of monkeys, toucans, caimans, sloths, 3 species of anteaters, and jaguars to name just a few. Manu is home to various indigenous tribes; some of them live in isolation and have no contact with ‘civilization’. On some of our tours, you get an opportunity to meet the Machiguenga native tribe


The north is centered around Iquitos city known also as the Capital of the Peruvian Amazon. It offers tours following the Amazon River, the longest and most watery river on Earth! Another interesting near location is the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. The north Amazon is as abundant and diverse as the south. There is possible to watch pink river dolphins, grey river dolphins, loads of monkey species, the South American coati, the Giant river otter, sloths, etc. Its flora involves a natural pharmacy such as Una de Gato and Ajo Sacha, fruits such as cacao, aguaje, açaí, cocona, camu camu, or exotic trees, for example, walking palm, thick rubber tree, and humble.


If you are looking for the most memorable experience of your life, our Amazon Rainforest trips to the extraordinary and amazing jungle will provide it for you! It will be the best choice you will ever make!


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