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To the chocolate's lovers

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To the chocolate's lovers

Two blocks from the Main Square of Cusco is the Choco Museum, a small lounge, café and workshop, where Peruvians and foreigners not only know the history of chocolate, "from the Mayans to the present," but also prepare it in a class with the American chocolate maker Neely Cohen. Every day, the Choco Museum that opened its doors at 2011 receives between 70 and 300 visitors per day and, although it is still not one of the tourist attractions of the Imperial City, its owners, the French Alain Schneider and Clara Isabel Días, consider that it may become so, "because many like chocolate, but do not know how it is produced, from the grain to the bar".Let´s see everything about the Choco Museum. 


This delicious museum has six rooms: 

  • History
  • Nature
  • About Chocolate
  • Cocoa in Peru
  • The Children's Museum 
  • The Factory. 

In this last space, Cohen dictates a class so that visitors learn how to prepare their own chocolate. The workshop lasts an entire afternoon and they are given the ingredients, including cocoa in paste, to make your own bars!!. The class is very funny and in the end everyone takes their bag full of chocolates. It's a sweet way to relax.



Inside the Choco Museum there is also a room that works as coffee and, as you will suppose, a large part of your letter is related to chocolate. For example, there is cocoa tea, hot chocolate, chocolate lollipop, mocha, and the house special: chocolate tasting. The tasting consists of tasting six delicious chocolates, each filled with different ingredients: almonds, raisins, chestnuts, hot peppers, coffee and Maras salt. All this plus a hot coffee, perfect to raise the temperature before the cold of Cusco. In addition to the museum, the workshop and the coffee, Alain and Clara offer another service: a tour through the La Convención valley, to the lands where they sow, harvest and process the cocoa. It's a good experience because you know the producers, who explain everything about cocoa, teach you the seeds, how they grow and give them cocoa to open and taste, what they do is experiential and gastronomic tourism.


What’s included? 

  • Learning the history of cacao and chocolate 
  • Learning the whole process from the harvest to the chocolate production and transformation 
  • Visiting in an interactive way: our staff would be pleased to show you around and get to see and touch real cacao beans and pods

Choco Museum Restaurant is a cafe where a delicious hot chocolate is served, being considered one of the best in the city of Cusco. In addition, you can enjoy a free entrance to the museum of cocoa and chocolate, which becomes an ideal plus for a first-class gastronomic experience. Go alone or accompanied and enjoy this restaurant that is not only in Peru, but also in various countries making theirs with an incredible taste.Don´t miss this opportunity and have a sweety experience at Choco Museum.

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