Things to do in Paracas Peru
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Things to do in Paracas Peru

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Things to do in Paracas Peru

The Paracas National Reserve offers beaches of all lineages to camp and have a good time. There is no place in Peru with the amount of outdoor spaces to build camp with relative ease as Paracas. In the Reserve you will have the opportunity to appreciate some of the 36 species of mammals and 216 types of colorfull birds and we are not even mentioningthe beauty of its beaches. Discover them now and enjoy them when you arrive! This is our list of the best activities in Paracas that you can not miss:

Visit to the Ballestas Islands: 

From the Paracas manantial you can take boat tours that will take you to the Ballestas Islands, a natural refuge for species such as the Humboldt penguins, which are currently in danger of extinction. Another of the main attractions is to hear the concert of the howls of sea lion herds that inhabit the islands. A spectacle without equal. Navigating there you can enjoy the views of the "El Candelabro",a famous geoglyph in the bay of Pisco; that contains a mystery of the history of Peru.The Ballestas Islands are in themselves a set of small islands (between five and six), which usually inhabit, an important population of sea lions. It is known that the population of this species has reached approximately 2,500 individuals, between fine and crafty wolves; In addition to these animals, populations of Humboldt penguins, animals that are in danger of extinction, have also been found on these islands. The boats that surround the island showing at a distance, the beauty of it, are often a source of curiosity for sea lions, so you should not be afraid if someone comes playfully to the boat where you are, since that will make your walk more pleasant, making curious jumps quite close to your boat. Sea lions are not the only marine animals that we can see in the area, in fact the site has also registered the presence of dolphins and it is even said that in some cases it is possible to see whales.

Discover the mysteries of the Nazca Lines 

There are several tours from Paracas that allow the overflight to the Nazca Lines. These famous Lines are the representation of animals, plants and forms on the surface of the Nazca desert in the Pampas de Jumana and they are a World Heritage Site of UNESCO since 1994.Tests carried out with carbon 14 allow to locate the antiquity of the Nazca lines and figures, between 550 and 650 years b.C, it is during the Early Nasca phase of the Early Intermediate Period.The Nazca and Paracas Lines, also known in the scientific world as "geoglyphs", are one of the most important legacies of the ancient Peruvian pre-Inca cultures.

Archaeological visit to the ruins of Tambo Colorado 

Tambo Colorado which owes its name to the reddish color is a group of buildings among which are the best preserved of adobe in all of Peru. In its time (1450 b.C) was one of the most important Inca settlements on the coast.Tambo Colorado was an Inca settlement located on the right bank of the Pisco River valley. Tambo Colorado, also known as Pucallacta or Pucahuasi, is considered the best Inca urban-administrative complex in Peru. It was built at the time of the Inca Pachacutec to shelter the soldiers and the high dignitaries of the town. Typically tahuantinsuyu in its layout and architectural design, it presents the singularity of being built in adobe, as an example of the adaptation of Quechua architects and engineers to the new coastal environment that they were beginning to conquer. Tambo Colorado was military and urban administrative center.


Dune Buggy and Kayak in Paracas 

Feel the excitement inside by venturing among the dunes of the desert with a buggy, just a few kilometers from the National Reserve. Fun assured with landscapes of an amazing beauty. Ideal for everyone, from children with private services to control the pace and speed to groups of maximum and full adrenaline.The Serene Sea of the Bay: Discover the Bay of Paracas in the most original way: in kayak! A new experience that will transmit peace and tranquility in the middle of the sea, in the midst of the most beautiful animals, in the middle of the world.

Biking in Paracas 

Discover every last corner: One of the best ways to discover an area like Paracas is the bicycle. It gives you an absolute freedom to enjoy this environment without equal.In the Paracas National Reserve you can practice mountain biking in an amazing way. There is a whole route so that you can enjoy the warm climate, the desert landscape and, best of all, the marvelous marine ecosystem where sea lions, guano birds and other species are observed. The main route preferred by cyclists is to go coastal edges, covering the entire bay of Paracas, including the National Reserve. It is a simple route, with marked paths where an adventure is lived on the edge of the sea. If the whole route of the bay is completed, the distance of the route is more than 30 kilometers. If it is only done to the Reserve is about 8 kilometers. Suitable for all people, you do not need experience in mountain biking since the route is simple, without many slopes.

Paragliding in Paracas 

Do you like heights? Do not miss the opportunity to see Paracas from another point of view. Fly with the birds and watch from above as the waves break. It is simply magic, and if you are a lover of photographs, this is the plan for you!. It has an absolutely dynamic flight, starting flights from 9 AM. with winds of 15 Kph. and as the day progresses, progressively this will increase until arriving in the afternoon with winds that exceed 50 Kph. This area of ​​flight has an unparalleled takeoff and access, being the slope from 15 meters of height to 50 mts. flying over the marine reefs, among them one of the most beautiful that exist. The winds are absolutely free of turbulence, allowing you to enjoy from the pilot that starts up to the most advanced pilots who look for places where the maneuvers of hillside are a delight and offer good margins of safety. In the Ica region, there are many places to practice paragliding, one of which is Paracas, especially in the area that includes the Reserved Zone. 


Diving in Paracas 

The beauty of the seabed, last but not least impressive, an activity that we could not leave behind: diving. And it is that a maritime area as rich as Paracas is a unique place for lovers of this sport. Dive together the most amazing and beautiful marine species of the South American coast.

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