Sacred valley of the incas
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Sacred valley of the incas

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Sacred valley of the incas


The sacred Valley of the Incas is an important tourist attraction that stands out for its handicraft fairs, and biodiversity located in the mountains, which are an eternal imprint of the magnificence of a great empire as was that of the Incas.


The main attractions are its archaeological sites, handicraft and agricultural fairs, as well as its gastronomy and the practice of hikes on itineraries that include villages situated on mountain tops, from which pure water rivers rush down, to then join with the great Vilcanota or Urubamba river. The community centers function like "Ayllus" (Andean communities) and maintain the Ayni (Community work) alive. Throughout the whole valley, the mountains are respected as protectors and have names in Quechua that begin with the word "Apu" which means: Ostentatious, Powerful Mountain, or Spirit.


The inhabitants of the high valley's communities also breed sheep and goats and many of these keep areas to cultivate medicinal plants in the city. It is very interesting to try that gastronomy, among the traditional Pachamanca prepared which, once they have been seasoned, are buried with hot stones 'till they are cooked.


The sacred valley of the Incas is definitely an ecological and cultural reserve. among its Kiwicha maca and hundreds of varieties of potatoes that Sacred Valley of the Incas shelters indigenous peoples who have not changed much over the past 300 years and when visiting these communities, it seems as though time would have stopped.


This Valley was very appreciated by the Incas, given its special geographic and climatic qualities, as it is composed of a series of microclimates. It is one of the region's main agricultural production centers, due to its fertile lands and it is the place where the best and biggest corn grain is in Peru. During your journey. you will be accompanied by the Vilcanota River and you will visit the valley. You will pass by the localities of Pisaq, Calca, Yucay, UrubambaOllantaytambo, and Chinchero, in each one of them, there are archaelogical remains that were built by the different Incan rulers, some of them using them as fortresses, resting places or religious temples for worshipping the celestial bodies. "The Incas" Took Advantage of the climate and fertile land and there are many villages and agricultual center along the valley that are little visited. The most important attractions are the incan cities of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo, including their handicraft fairs.



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