Christmas and New Year in Cusco
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Christmas and New Year in Cusco

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Christmas and New Year in Cusco

As we know, the Inca sanctuary of Machu Picchu is one of the most famous and requested tourist destinations on the planet. You can get there in a wonderful trip by train (there are different categories) or by doing one of our spectacular Inca Trail (Classic 4 days, Short 2 days).


For Christmas and the end of the year 2018-2019, the ancient Inca citadel continues to receive tourists from all over the world. There are many who wish to enjoy that special time, either in Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu on our recommended 2-day tour or by doing the Inca Trail through the magnificent beauty and ecological energy of the Cusco nature. There are many attractions to meet and the atmosphere is full celebration with people from all corners of the planet. Find out about the pleasant weather in the Cusco summer.


Peru is a country that offers everything a demanding tourist wants to find: excellent infrastructure (hotels, transport, roads, etc), archaeological and tourist sites of first level that you should know, beautiful cities, natural landscapes (such as our extraordinary Humantay Lagoon during and amazing hike to Salkantay), luxury gastronomy, a thousand-year-old culture, a very friendly population willing to exchange experiences with people from abroad and more.

Festivities in Cusco:

Our region is admired and visited by people from many countries. The Christmas and New Year period is particularly festive. At Christmas, Cusco is full of dynamism: people go shopping (for example in the traditional Santurantikuy Fair, in the Main square), they socialize much more and for dinner they serve the traditional turkey with salad, champagne and typical fruits. Of course, the typical chocolate with panettone is missing. (Even if you are in the middle of an Inca Trail).


The end of the year is also spectacular. In the city of Cusco, all the bars and clubs have special parties. The Main Square is full of people who attend a fireworks show, drink the delicious Peruvian beer and happily celebrate the arrival of the new year. In Machu Picchu, the adjacent town of Aguas Calientes is similarly 100% celebrating.


Christmas traditions:

December 24 is the main event, while the 25th is an opportunity to see the other part of the family and eat what was left of the previous night. One of the most common traditions is the revelation of Jesus Christ. For this event, a small statue of Jesus baby is covered with a blanket and at midnight, they take out the blanket, which symbolizes the birth of Jesus. Before or after the big dinner the gifts are opened not like in other parts of the world when the gifts are opened on the 25th.

Christmas in Cusco:

Cusco is full of people at parties, but it also becomes very festive. The combination of Andean and Christian traditions make Cusco a unique place to spend the holidays. Each year Cusco has a Christmas market on December 25 called Santuranticuy (sale of the saints) in which people from all over Peru meet in Main Square to sell their products. To be expected on December 25, your products are religious or about birth.

New Year in Cusco:

Cusco is by far the city of craziest parties in Peru and in the New Year it is no exception. People from all regions meet at the Main Square for the New Year count. Thousands of people go to square to see the large number of artificial games that take place every year and after the bars, the clubs are full until the morning of the next day.

New Year in the Sacred Valley

If you are in the Sacred Valley on the first of January, you can participate in the "Sinkuy" celebration that takes place in the beautiful central square of Ollantaytambo, where a game similar to bowling is held. Traditionally the mayor and his wife throw the first ball. People from all regions gather in costumes, bringing chicha, meats and bread shaped like animals. Christmas and New Year in Peru This time of year is always special, but if you are lucky to be in Peru, these holidays can be the most remembered. Peru is the perfect mix of Andean and Christian traditions when it comes to Christmas and if you have the opportunity to spend with a Peruvian, we are sure that you will have a great time.

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