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Traveling is much more than tourism, it is an exercise in constant learning that takes us away from our routine, puts us to the test and allows us to know ourselves better.


The reasons to travel are incalculable because they depend on each person. You travel to break with the routine, to take distance from the everyday, to know and experience new cultures firsthand, to see "that" temple or monument that has made you so much to sigh when you admire it in photos. You also travel to meet people, to get to know one another, to know your own limits and even to blur them and trace them "a little bit further". You travel through adrenaline, for the love of travel, for pleasure to the unknown and for fear of the unknown. You travel simply because you love it.


To make you an unforgettable trip, Salkantay Trek Machu is committed to making your trip the best of your memories for life. Thats the reason that every detail counts, and now we will explain you our delicious and very nutritive snack bag that will be enjoyed by you during your trip.


For Machu Picchu Tours and Short Inca Trail Camping:

Our snack bag includes:
  • Small water bottle (500 ml);
  • Cusco traditional cereal also called Granola (Kiwicha, Quinoa, raisins, honey and Grated coconut);
  • Small fruit juice box;
  • 1x Apple
  • 1x Granadilla
  • 10x Lemon candy;
  • Raisins with peanuts;

Please note that:

  • 2 day Inca Trail camping includes a buffet lunch in Wiñaywayna camping.
  • Machu Picchu Tours: Please visit our website and check what includes in this tour.

For Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and One day hike to Inca Trail:

  • Peruvian Quinoa (Quinoa Chaufa) with pieces of chicken or meat;
  • Quinoa chaufa with pieces with aubergine and soy meat (Vegetarian);
  • Small fruit juice box;
  • 1x Apple
  • 1x Granadilla
  • 10x Lemon candy;
  • Raisins with peanuts;

"Chaufa” is the name of the Peruvian-Chinese fusion of fried rice.

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