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Wherever our trips take us, we aim to carry with us our responsible attitudes. This encompasses a way of traveling which is respectful and beneficial to locals, their cultures and their environments. We prefer to use public transportation when available, to stay overnight and share meals in the homes of local families, to travel in small groups, and to educate others about sustainable tourism.  Following these steps as a small company, we are hopeful we will make big differences in the lives of local people we meet along the way.  Our main goal is to offer an exciting and unique adventure while enriching the lives of the people we meet


Our main goal, is to enrich people’s life making them live an interactive and unique trip, forgetting about prejudices, building an understanding and a new world being more careful, and at the same time spending a lifetime experience.      


We offer fun, we are passionate about everything we do, and believe in responsibility and sustainability when traveling, and the locals being benefited by the tour operators, hotels, and communities). With our experienced crew work, and our philosophy of journeying is solid and immutable.


Before your booking.

This may sound unusual coming from a travel company, but it is important that you understand our style of travel.

Salkantay Trek Machu (Responsible travel Agency) operates in a way that fully appreciates and respects cultures and lifestyles very different from your own. While striving to provide you with the very best holiday possible, we do not shield you from the cultural differences, inefficiencies and frustrations that are a part life in the places we visit.  Indeed, our emphasis is on getting out there and experiencing the real world.  Please bear this in mind when choosing between our travel styles and trip options.


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